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7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Hair Bouncy (Always!)

7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Hair Bouncy (Always!)

Don’t you hate it when despite the best efforts, your hair sits flat the moment you reach the wedding venue. Yeah, we understand the smallest of your issues! 🙂 When there are tons of shaadis and pre wedding parties to look forward to, these super easy tips to avoid flat hair will sort you out. Say hello to gorgeous, bouncy hair!

1. Backcomb

The easiest way to add volume and lift up your hair is to backcomb them. Part your hair into sections, hold them straight up and start teasing all the way down to the roots. Just make sure you’re not doing this too often to avoid damage.

1 avoid flat hair

2. Go easy on the wash

It’s usually recommended to wash your hair a day before you plan to style it. Washing it the very same day strips your hair of essential oils. Also, don’t use conditioner if you’re going to style them.

3. Upside down blow dry

Flip your hair upside down and blow dry to lift your tresses away from the scalp. Spritz on a hair spray before you flip it back to shape.

3 avoid flat hair

4. It’s the hairbrush

Yes, a good hairbrush is essential to add volume to your hair. A round brush with nylon bristles is usually the best choice for detangling and creating volume.


5. Mousse to the rescue

The easiest way to prevent your tresses from falling flat. Take a generous amount in your hand and apply on slightly damp hair from the roots to the mid-length. Blast it with hot air immediately for the mousse to do its magic!

5 avoid flat hair

6. Invest in good styling products

Good quality hair products are essential for healthy and strong hair. Shampoos, conditioners and  hair serums are the basics that you must have in your hair care kit. Look out for products that have ‘volumizing’ on the label for best results.

7. Layer it up

Tired of hair sitting ever so flat? Layer it! A layered haircut is the easiest and sure-shot way to every day bouncy hair.

7 avoid flat hair

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05 May 2016

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