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Increase Hair Volume: Make Your Hair Super-Bouncy!

Increase Hair Volume: Make Your Hair Super-Bouncy!

For those of you who want thicker and fuller hair, now you can achieve the impossible! All you’ve got to do is be creative, patient and careful when managing your delicate locks. Here are 8 simple ways to increase hair volume and make your thin hair look fuller and healthier. Good luck, ladies!

1. Avoid Brushing Too Much

1 make hair look fuller

To Increase hair volume, only brush when required. Too much of brushing can lead to split ends and hair breakage. This can lead to hair fall. Brushing also distributes our mane’s natural oils, which can make your hair flat. While combing, make sure that you’re gentle. You can also use your fingers to detangle the knots.

2. Wash Your Hair On And Off

Instead of washing your hair every day, do it twice or thrice a week. You’ll get fuller hair at the roots if you don’t wash your hair frequently. Make the best use of dry shampoo during this time. Also while picking up a shampoo, make sure that you get the one that doesn’t contain sodium laureth sulfate because such chemicals may lead to scalp irritation and hair fall.

3. Accessorize Right

3 make hair look fuller

Whenever you go accessory shopping, make sure that you buy hair ties that aren’t made of rubber or metal hairbands. They will pull at your hair and cause hairfall. Tight hairstyles are also a no-no as they can weaken the hair follicles and cause your hair to fall. Sometimes, it’s good and healthy to leave your hair open and let it breath. Take note all you fine-haired beauties.

4. Go For Layers

The next time you meet your hairstylist, ask them to cut your hair by giving you layers. You see, layers actually gives an illusion of fuller  hair. Talk to your hairstylist and ask them to give you a cut that will not only compliment your face cut but will also make your hair look more voluminous than it is. Also read: 9 Simple Hairstyles That Look AWESOME On Unwashed Hair!

5. Hairspray Like A Boss

5 make hair look fuller

Best tip to how to increase hair volume on top the head? HAIRSPRAY! If you haven’t used a hairspray before, now is a good time to try using one! When buying one, watch for words like “thickening” or “volumizing”. These agents are bound to make fine hair look fuller. Try this Thin To Thick hairspray by Jason Natural.

6. Be A Blow Dry Whizz

The key to fuller hair is mastering the art of blowdrying. Always use a heat protectant before using any styling tools or products on your hair. When blow drying, make sure that you flip your head over and use your diffuser to make your hair dry faster and fluff up. Use your brush to lift up the roots away from the scalp for some va va voom volume!  Also read:7 Homemade Hair Masks To Make Your Hair Smell YUMMY!

7. Flip Your Part

7 make hair look fuller

Your hair gets used to your everyday parting and lays flat on that side. Give your mane a mini makeover and flip your part to the opposite side for a voluminous lift at the roots. You can even spritz it with some texture spray if you want it to look even bigger!

8. Get Rollin’

A fine haired girl should have some velcro rollers handy. Once your hair is dry, use some texturizing spray before putting the front part of your hair into rollers. 3 rollers along the front and on the crown is enough to give your mane a bouncy boost. Leave them on for 20 minutes (you can also apply heat on them with a blow dryer for a minute if you want even more volume) and be amazed at your lush, voluminous locks. Images: Shutterstock
Published on Sep 17, 2016
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