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Accessorising is to fashion what training wheels is to young bikers… they are a safe place where you can hone your craft and grow. Accessories play a big part in putting together an ensemble, they instantly amp up the aesthetic of one and gives you room to showcase your creativity.

We here at POPxo are completely aware of that. We also know how tricky it can get to properly accessorise for the millennial woman on the go, thus giving you all the deets needed to ace it regardless of that!

All The Big Accessories Trends 2018-2019

Much like clothing, accessories are dynamic in nature and subject to change according to the season. The way you accessorise in summer will have a stark difference from winter's, the quantity and style of which will vary. We keep an eye out for the biggest trends that show up in a particular season in order to keep you updated on what’s in vogue at all times.

Although we like to report on anything we see catching traction (even glitter sipper bottles as an alternate accessory), there are four major sections we cover under this head… bags, shoes, jewellery and add-ons. From pretty bags that you can pair with dresses to travel shoes that are tailored to your needs, we talk about them all!

Bollywood Style Spotting

One of our favorite past times at POPxo is celeb style spotting. Celebrities in the instagram age have become more conscious about what they wear during promotions and off duty as well. Constantly being in the public eye have rendered them in need to stylists, who come through with their claims of bringing us awesome looks!

We cover a big range of celeb style accessorising… from the red carpet to travel style, there is something for everyone to follow. Whether you are interested in Alia’s youthful ethnic accessorising for college inspiration or Shilpa’s classy and minimal looks to look more mature, we have all the mood boards.

Apart from travel and promotional looks, we often do a deep dive into the general accessorising habits of Bollywood stars as well. Usually focusing on one star at time, we try to decode how they manage to achieve their statement look, be it a style of shoes or the way they cinch their belts. As is the same with their clothing, Bollywood stars love to indulge in designer wear. We pride ourselves greatly in finding budget alternatives in similar styles for the same. You can be sure to recreate a celeb look with us without burning a hole in your pocket!

Genre Specific Accessorising

It is our conscious effort every time to dissect the coverage of accessories on our channel in terms of genre. We have:

Bridal Accessories: We cover real brides, designers and indie labels to present our readers the freshest scoop on bridal fashion. You are sure to find numerous lookbooks on wedding accessories, right from the best designs in maangtikka to budget kamarbands that you might otherwise ignore while prepping for a wedding!

Street Style: We love street style fashion. Since our audience majorly consists of the young and the restless, we understand being on top of the accessory game to showcase the hot new stuff on the market. Our street style inspirations come majorly from fashion and social media influencers who have in the past of years cemented their status of genuine fashionistas to look out for.

Festive: Quite often with other editorials, you will find festive and bridal fashion clubbed together since they are “technically” the same thing. We disagree! Bringing you a separate set of ideas to curate your look for Holi, Diwali or Garbha, you won't find us taking any shortcuts.

Office/ Work Wear: It is not easy to work nine hours a day, party for another three and then wake up in the morning prepped to be dressed super chic. That is why, we constantly curate entire ensembles (links of the styles included) for our audience. You can literally just check these separates out, put them together in your wardrobe and just grab and go a super busy day!

The Retail Shopping Scenario

We understand the obsession of the young with the ease of online shopping. But there are still purists out there who love to step out on a nice day and explore their local markets for the best (both budget and splurge) options of bags, shoes and jewellery. Check out our video and edit coverage of the best markets you can visit to spend your hard earned cash on. Our formats include challenges (5 items under 1500/-), location features (bridal stores in and around Delhi) and store visits that are detailed with price, location, variety and added benefits!

The E-Commerce Space

Purchasing accessories online is comparatively easier than an elaborate lehenga maybe, that is why we are always on the lookout for the best ones. While we do bring your the best of the top e-commerce websites, our focus lies equally on Instagram shops, new labels and independent online retailers. Our curated product lists will give you at least ten different choices in one style, depending in what you're looking for, our audience is spoilt for options most times. From ten dangler earrings you can wear to a sangeet to quirky charm necklaces to give you 90s nostalgia, we are a shopping catalogue for the easily impressed. We also bring you coveted information on sourcing and renting designer jewellery for the best to our knowledge. Being the keepers of a lot insider contacts and information, we can get you on with the who's who of accessory giants!

Credible Styling Tips And DIY

Did you know there are easily more than twenty five ways to style a simple scarf? We here at POPxo love doing things out of the box and how! From curated posts about how you can style a cinch belt in so many ways to alternative footwear that you can wear with your ethnic garbs, there are no rules here. Having Instagram, celeb style and Pinterest at our disposal, webring you excellent visual representation of our ideas to make it easier to understand and memorise!

Talking about visual representation, our dedicated video team brings you amazing styling and at-home DIY tutorials that are oh so easy to follow and super fun to watch. From bedazzling your platform shoes to making tassel earrings from scratch, these step by step videos are a must watch for the fashion enthusiasts willing to get their hands dirty!

Accessories FAQs

1. What are some of the new online stores for offbeat accessory shopping?

Online stores like Lazy Jojo (shoes), House Of Bio (clutches), Kala Chowk (bohemian), Knick Knack Nook (everyday), Gypsymaal (oxidised jewellery) and The Bling Stores (fashion jewellery), are some of the new places you can check out.

2. How do I accessorise to update my usual wardrobe?

Accessorising can instantly upgrade your outdated wardrobe. Add a scarf to your layers, go for belted jackets, switch up sneakers with block heels or even start wearing statement earrings with casuals… there is so much you can do here!

3. What are some accessories that will make good gifts for my stylish BFF?

If your BFF is anything like a true fashionista, she will love a pair of graphic earrings, How about round sunglasses, studded elst or even clear heels? Accessories are a stylish woman’s best friend and you can experiment with so much with an equally stylish best friend.

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