This Creative Bride Hand-Painted Her Mehendi Outfit & It’s Perfect For A Summer Wedding

Ravina SachdevRavina Sachdev  |  May 31, 2021
This Creative Bride Hand-Painted Her Mehendi Outfit & It’s Perfect For A Summer Wedding


We all know what the most important part of planning a wedding is—the bride’s outfit, duh! Gone are the days when the entire family of the bride decided on the bridal outfit.  Or when the brides had no option but to stick to the age-old reds and greens. 

Brides today are clear about their wedding looks and don’t shy away from experimenting. From all-white lehengas to quirky silhouettes, they are all about making their own rules.

The millennial bride sure does know how to keep things interesting! One such bride is Priyanka Gusain, who won us over with her one-of-a-kind mehendi outfit. You may be wondering what’s so special about it? Well, this bride managed to surprise everyone by designing her own mehendi lehenga and actually hand painting it! TBH, we can’t seem to take our eyes off it!

We can’t help but wonder what inspired this bride to make her own masterpiece?  “When my wedding was fixed, I decided that I would wear my self designed footwear, since I run a footwear brand. As for the outfit, I’ve always wanted to wear my own design. During the pandemic, I had plenty of time and decided to design my own lehenga and paint it too,” says Priyanka.

I am someone who cannot even paint a sunset properly, let alone a lehenga, so I can only imagine how much effort that must’ve taken. “It took me almost one year to finish the entire lehenga. I was also covid positive and had an injury in the hand I painted with, but that didn’t stop me. My only thought was that my lehenga will be something I will cherish as it will show me how I overcame all the tough times,” she explains. 

Priyanka Gusain

Oh, BTW, that’s not all—she didn’t just stop at her lehenga! The creative bride hand-painted her dulha’s jacket too! Now, this is the type of twinning we’d like to see more of.

Apart from her outfit, we’re also digging her fresh and minimal look. So pretty, right? Well, here’s to brides breaking stereotypes and doing their own thing! Also, BRB, looking to enrol myself in art classes!

Featured Image: Priyanka Gusain