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9 Things You Should Definitely Pack For Your Beach Honeymoon

9 Things You Should Definitely Pack For Your Beach Honeymoon

You’ve probably got tons of embarrassing honeymoon advice from all the auntyjis. But what they’ve not told you is the endless rounds of packing you’ll be doing for the trip. If you’re hitting the beach with your newly married hubby, check out this list so you don’t miss a thing for your beach honeymoon.


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First things first

Don’t let the water ruin your essentials. Carry water resistant cases for money, glares, camera, phone and other important stuff.


911 in your pocket

All that travel can take a toll, so always have the basics handy. Hand sanitiser, band-aids, antacids, meds for fever, diarrhea and motion sickness, painkillers, antiseptic cream, and a pain relief spray. Don’t forget the insect repellent ’cause you’ll probably need a lot of it.

Beach bumming

A book to read, MP3 player and headphones…that’s all you need all day long by the beachside.

Rumpy pumpy 101

Don’t forget to carry contraception and the sexy lingerie you bought just for him 😉

beach honeymoon


Less is more

You don’t want to go all caked up to the beach. A BB cream, kohl, blush, and a few lipsticks should be enough. Add in a cleanser and wet wipes.

Beach vacay = TANNING!

Unless you like getting sun tanned, load up on the sunscreen. For your face, arms, legs, back…just about every part of your body. Slather it on so you’re not fighting tan when you’re back.

Bring out the water baby

Bikini, tankini or a one piece…pack the cutest options along with a kaftan or a coverup.

All my bags are packed…

With a couple of shorts, basic tees, a pretty maxi and some cute beachy summer dresses. Keep a light cardigan as nights by the beach can be a little chilly.


beach honeymoon

And the extras

Say hello to flip flops. It’s what you’ll be wearing the most. Throw in a hat, a pair of sunglasses and a beach bag made of cloth or straw.  

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05 May 2016

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