honeymoon packing checklist

Honeymoon Checklist: 9 Things You MUST Carry With You!

Akanksha Vatwani

Guest Contributor

As fun and exciting weddings are, you have to admit they can be equally tiring. Your body feels drained of energy from those sleepless nights, wedding rituals and the endless queue of relatives who want to congratulate you. It’s finally honeymoon time and you look forward to that much-awaited break, cuddling in the arms of your sweetheart. But before you catch that flight and leave everyone behind, make sure you tick these items off your honeymoon packing checklist:

1. Super Sexy Lingerie

One cannot underestimate the power lingerie holds in showing off our curves in the most desirable way and initiating intimacy - which contributes to the very foundation of a successful marriage. So pack your push-up bras, net nighties and lacey undies for those steamy hot nights.

honeymoon packing checklist

2. Good Makeup

Good makeup and quality products are just as important as your pretty clothes. Make sure you have the following in your beauty kit to look stunning both inside and outside pictures:

Primer: To not prime is a crime. It is probable that you would be spending most of your time out of doors enjoying the sun, shopping or simply exploring. A good primer forms a smooth base for your makeup and helps it stay in place without making it crease or wear out with sweat or heat during the day.

Concealer: It is a saviour for those days when an angry zit pops on your face or to cover up those undereye circles. Choose a shade closest to your skin tone for best results and coverage.

Foundation: A must-have for that newlywed glow. Choose a colour which is one shade lighter than your skin tone to instantly brighten up your face.

All-In-One Colour Palette: This is your best bet for makeup and touch up while travelling. Pick a makeup kit which is divided into sections with lip colours, eye shadows and blush.

Eye Makeup: An eyeliner, kohl pencil and mascara are the absolute basics which you must have in your beauty kit. Go for waterproof and smudge-proof options to avoid ending up with panda eyes after a long day.

3. Your Camera

So you packed everything for the most romantic trip of your life, except your camera. Although most smartphones today have built-in cameras but none match the quality of pictures clicked with a professional or even a digital camera with good lens and pixel quality. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have blurred memories?

4. A Toiletries Kit

Be prepared for the unforeseen! Carry a kit with everything necessary to maintain your hygiene and grooming. Check the following off your list:

  • Sanitary napkins and/or tampons

  • Razor or hair removal cream (for those nasty small hair that crop up so soon after your visit to the parlour)

  • Tweezers (for unwanted facial hair)

  • Earbuds

  • Scented body butter

  • Scented body wash

honeymoon packing checklist

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5. An Amazing Perfume

To keep you fresh throughout the day and to turn him on at night! ;)

6. A Variety of Footwear

Don’t stuff your bags with just high heels or stilettoes. A pair of comfy sneakers, wedges or flip flops are just as important for those long strolls in the evening and sunny days at the beach.

7. A Portable Speaker

So that you can dance to your favourite song in your hotel room without anyone judging you or play your favourite romantic number to set the mood while you make love to each other at night.

honeymoon packing checklist

8. A Bubble Bath Kit

Just in case the hotel does not provide you with an exquisite bath kit, carry your own bubble bath and salts to draw that perfect bath. Enjoy each other’s company lying and kissing in the tub with champagne by your side. Could it be more romantic!

9. Global Chip Credit/Debit Card

Last but not the least, if you are planning to travel outside India, make sure to get your Indian credit/debit card converted into a global chip card which will work at all foreign ATMs without any transaction charges. It’s certainly safer and better than carrying loads of Forex and travellers’ cheques.

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Published on Apr 12, 2016
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