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10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Leo Girl!

10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Leo Girl!

You have just met a Leo girl and her no-nonsense attitude has got you intrigued! Since we’ve entered the month of August, we can’t not talk about the zodiac sign that dominates it – Leo. Here are 10 things to know about dating a Leo girl before you get into it!

1. She needs to be respected by her partner

A Leo woman needs respect in a relationship. It is almost a prerequisite for her. If you can’t respect her life choices and ideas, it’s an instant deal breaker for her!

1 dating a leo girl - kim kardashian

2. Being straightforward is her life mantra

You won’t see a Leo beating around the bush and hoping you figure things out on your own. She says what she is feeling and is pretty straightforward about it. This can be both negative and positive depending on how she puts it across and how her partner handles it.

2 dating a leo girl - i am just honest

3. But a classy flirter

She knows exactly what attracts men to her and she knows how to do that well. A Leo woman won’t run around you, looking for attention but she does know the subtle tactics that will get her what she wants.

3 dating a leo girl - classy flirting

4. She sticks to her decisions

Leos are known for sticking to things that they decide upon. They are also often called egotistical because of this trait but for them it’s like they have sworn to do something and just won’t give up until it is done. Even in a relationship, a Leo woman will stick to her promises and decisions.

4 dating a leo girl - decision has been made

5. And likes things to be done her way

Now, that might be kind of true for every human being. But it is especially true for Leo women. For them it’s mostly ‘their way or the highway’. Good thing is that a Leo woman puts a lot of thought into her decisions and hence, it’s hardly ever wrong for her.

5 dating a leo girl - monica controlling

6. Which is why she has high standards

Since she always opts for quality over quantity in every aspect of life including relationships, a Leo woman is known to have high standards in life. Some might foolishly call her ‘high maintenance’ but that wouldn’t be right. It’s the quality and strength of her relationship that matters to her.

6 dating a leo girl - high standards

7. She loves going out

People belonging to the Leo zodiac sign are usually outgoing. They like spending time interacting and socializing. So one thing that you will definitely get in your relationship with a Leo woman is tons of parties and get togethers. Which works out well even if you are an introvert because she will mostly be up for all the talking.

7 dating a leo girl - party

8. And is super witty

Another extremely important thing to know about dating a Leo girl is that she has a witty sense of humour. Why? Because who doesn’t like a little fun in every relationship, right? Her wits and charm will have you hooked throughout.

8 dating a leo girl - funny girl

9. She is confident in bed

A Leo woman is pretty confident about herself. And she carries that confidence to the bed too. She initiates things and knows how to get down and dirty. So rest assured, your sex life is going to be amazing with a Leo woman!

9 dating a leo girl - we are gonna bang

10. She gives more than what she takes in a relationship

Leos are known to focus on themselves. They care about their personal life, career and the things that affect them. Sometimes, more than necessary. However, when they truly commit themselves to somebody, they most often, put their partner up on the priority list. Which truly is something for a Leo.

10 dating a leo girl - i love you

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08 Aug 2017

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