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11 Things That Are Definite Relationship Deal Breakers!

11 Things That Are Definite Relationship Deal Breakers!

Ladies, listen! Isn’t it funny how when we think about a partner we only think about things that are must haves? We never stop to consider things that we will definitely not compromise with or attributes that are absolute no-nos. Here are a few things that, if they happen to you and your guy, are the biggest relationship deal breakers.

1. Your Partner Has Anger Issues

This really does feature really high on the ‘Have Not’ list! If your guy seems to have serious anger issues or is abusive, you need to leave and leave fast. Usually, anger issues get worse as time passes and then dealing with them gets even worse.

2. He Is Untrustworthy

Trust is the building block of any relationship. If you can’t trust your partner, then it’ll always be a thorn in your side. Even if your partner is out for drinks with his friends, you’ll be home worried sick. So it’s much better to leave the relationship before it turns toxic for either of you.

3. He Doesn’t Care About You

You know that feeling you get when you know your partner cares for you and you really matter to him? Well, if you’re a stranger to that feeling, it’s time to think about your relationship again. If he doesn’t care about you, doesn’t value your opinions or feelings then the relationship really isn’t going anywhere.

3 biggest relationship deal breakers dont care

4. Nothing You Do Is Enough

Some people have the habit of putting down people around them. If your man happens to be one of them, it’s a warning signal. If you’re constantly made to feel like you aren’t good enough or that nothing you do is enough, it is a sign of being in an abusive relationship. Be wary of this.

5. He Whines A Lot

Negative and whiny people are hard to deal with. In life, we need people who will motivate us and add positivity to our lives. We need this, especially from our partners. If he’s continuously upset over something or loves being the victim, it’ll be better to end things than to try and make them better.

6. There Is A Lack Of Respect

Another very important thing in a relationship is respect. Both of you are equals and if he ever makes you feel less than adequate or like he’s much better than you, it’s time you re-think the relationship. You’re equally talented, smart and brilliant. Don’t let a guy tell you otherwise.

6 biggest relationship deal breakers want respect

7. He’s Not On Your Team

When you’re in a relationship, you’re more or less a team. You need to have each others’ back and be the support system the other one needs. If he doesn’t mind insulting you publicly or puts you down in front of people just to make himself feel better, it’s time you hit the road. Nobody should be allowed to disrespect you.

8. He Has No Direction In Life

Lack of aim in life is another huge sign you should never ignore. While he doesn’t need to have a step by step plan for his life, it’s important that he knows the general direction he’s going towards. If he’s not serious about his life, there are chances he might not be serious about you.

9. There Is A Lack Of Commitment

Unless and until you both know and are comfortable with being in a casual relationship, commitment is something that must be taken seriously. If even after being together for a long time he’s not committing, you need to sit down and have a talk with him.

9 biggest relationship deal breakers not a couple

10. He Has Way Too Many Restrictions

Compromise and adjustments are important in every relationship. No two people can like everything about each other. It is normal to change a few habits for your partner but if suddenly you wake up one day and realise you’ve lost the essence of who you are, just trying to please your partner, you need to really think if it’s worth it.

11. He Doesn’t Care About People You Love

You can’t like everyone you meet but the least you can do is respect them if they matter to your partner. If your partner doesn’t believe in returning this courtesy, he just doesn’t respect you. He doesn’t need to get along with your friends and family but he needs to be cordial with them. Not doing so can be a definite deal breaker.

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