13 Easy Ways To Be Even *More* Confident… In Bed!!

13 Easy Ways To Be Even *More* Confident… In Bed!!
Confidence is a huge turn-on for men… Especially in bed! Fortunately, confidence is an art that can be learnt with consistent practice. A few things can be major confidence boosters for bed! Here are 13 ways to be confident in bed and make the experience even better!

1. Some Sexy Lingerie

For once, give a break to the everyday bra and underwear and wear something absolutely out of your comfort zone. Splurge on racy lingerie and see it work like magic! Not only will you feel more confident but it’ll drive your partner crazy as well. 1 ways to be confident in bed

2. Music For The Mood

Great music can work wonders to set the right mood! It doesn’t necessarily have to be slow or seductive. Listen to something that makes you feel sexy, sensual and gets you both in the rhythm. Remember, how you lose your inhibitions in a club while dancing? Yes, just like that! Let it happen on its own.

3. Dim The Lights

Just like music, mood lighting can boost your confidence as well. Dim the lights so that neither of you feel conscious of your bodies. Also, it’ll be just enough light to see what you’re both doing and it will give your bodies a soft, flattering shadow.   3 ways to be confident in bed

4. Take The Reins!

Lead the way, princess! Men love to give up control and have their woman boss them around in bed. So tell him exactly what you’ll do to him (or what you want him to do to you) in a soft and sensual voice. Telling him your exact desires will send your confidence and his libido through the roof.

5. Explore Yourself

Find out what works for your body and what turns you on. Explore yourself, lady! If you don't know your body and what pleasures it the most, how do you expect someone else to? 5 ways to be confident in bed

6. Be Your Own Cheerleader

Give yourself constant pep talks! Nobody is perfect or has a perfect body. Embrace your flaws instead of feeling embarrassed about them. Chances are that he doesn’t really mind them and actually loves you just the way you are!

7. Here And Now

Live and enjoy the moment, ladies! Dirty talk him, Be present in the moment, instead of letting your mind wander or analyzing too much. Let your heart do all the talking and seduce him without thinking too much about it.
7 ways to be confident in bed

8. Talk, Talk, Talk!

Unlike movies, couples in real life cannot have magical sex without talking about it first. Don’t let that temporary awkwardness stop you from talking to your partner about your likes and dislikes.

9. Work That Butt

While it’s important to embrace your body as is, exercising doesn’t hurt either. It’ll boost your confidence even more and you’ll feel much better about yourself, in and out of bed! 9 ways to be confident in bed

10. Risky Business

Be innovative, always and never let the usual bring you down! Switch things up and try something new. A new sex position, sex in a different setting or using a sex toy can up your confidence in the bed.

11. Hello, Goddess

Channel your inner sex goddess (we all have one). Call upon her when alone and pretend to be as sexy and seductive as possible. Then use this in the bedroom. Most importantly, learn to live the character! *Wink* 11 ways to be confident in bed

12. Accessorize Right

You know how a pair of heels or your favourite earrings can increase your confidence in a matter of seconds? Use that trick in the bedroom too! Slip into those sexy heels and see how it changes your mood!

13. Strip Away

Doing a practiced strip show is going to give you performance anxiety for sure. Instead, focus on slowly taking off your clothes and just enjoying this time with your partner. Make tonnes of eye contact and don’t let your partner touch you till you’re done stripping. Instant turn-on!
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