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Here Are Some Of The Funniest Things Our Fathers Have Said To Us!

Here Are Some Of The Funniest Things Our Fathers Have Said To Us!

This father’s day, it’s time to celebrate the most ridiculous and ‘dad’ statements our fathers have made over the years. While most of them are funny, some are just downright mean and sarcastic. But that’s just your dad being a dad, difficult to read but always loved. So here are the funniest things our fathers have said to us.

1. *Facepalm*

Because he’s at a loss for words, alas I have won.

01 funny things father's say

2. “Is that where all your money goes?”

Usually, while he aggressively points at my face (makeup) or my clothes.

3. “Baap ka paisa hai na?”

Legit every time I ask for money before I step out of the house.

4. “I’m not bailing you out if you got to jail.”

That’s how much my driving scares him. Thanks, dad.

04 funny things father's say

5. “Please find yourself a boyfriend. I’m tired of spending my money on you.”

Ummm, this one just hurt.

6. “Ignorance is bliss”

Then he ignores me and everything I do.

7. “Bilkul apni maa pe gayi hai”

After every fuck up ever.

07 funny things father's say

8. “Good luck to the boy who decides to marry you”

For the stomach aches, he’s gonna get from laughing at my jokes.

9. “Whatever mom says”

And then she says no.

10. “Jaa Simran, jee le apni zindaagi”

He’s being 100% ironic when he says this.

10 funny things dad's say

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13 Jun 2018

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