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6 Useful Handmade Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Super Easy To Make

6 Useful Handmade Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Super Easy To Make

Teacher’s day is around the corner and the day brings back so many fond memories from our school and college days. Our educational institution may not have been our favourite place at that time, but we all certainly cherish those memories and our teachers now. In fact, we all have that one teacher in our lives who played a prominent role in shaping us into who we are today. Goes without saying then that teacher’s day is the perfect occasion to show our appreciation to the torch-bearers of education. And what better than simple handmade teacher’s day gifts to show that we care. To help you pick the perfect DIY teacher’s day gifts, we’ve put together a list of handmade teacher’s day gift ideas that are guaranteed to make them smile!

Best Homemade Gift For Teacher’s Day

best homemade gift for teachers day ideas
Pixels – Best homemade gift for teachers day

Our curation of the best handmade teachers’ day gift ideas is a great way to show you care.


Teacup planter

Everybody is becoming a nature lover now and if your teachers also loves to do a bit of gardening to relax after a tiring workday, here’s a great teachers’ day handmade gift that will always remind him or her of you!

How to make it: Take an old cup of tea and fill it up with planting soil. Post that, you have to press down the center to make a hole and then palace a cactus and then cover it up on the top with more soil. To add a beautiful element to it, you can also write a message to your teacher and stick it to an ice cream stick. And lastly, place that message next to that cactus and your planter is ready!


Handmade Badge

Badges are one of the best teacher’s day handmade gifts. It’s always a pride to wear badges of honor and appreciation. So, this teacher’s day, you should give your teacher the joy of wearing one!

How to make it: Take a card, draw a circle and cut it out. As the next step, take another piece of cardstock in a different colour and then repeat the same process but by drawing a really small circle than before. Then stick the smaller circle on the top of the bigger one and write your message to your mentor on the smaller circle. Lastly, use cello tape to secure a pin at the back.


Handmade Card

Unsplash – Easy handmade cards for teachers day

Though easy handmade cards for teacher’s day may be a cliche, they will forever make for the most heartwarming gesture.  

How to make it: Fold a piece of cardstock in the center to make it into a card and then just let your imagination run wild!


DIY Teacher Survival Kit

If you wish to gift your teacher something really unique, then a survival kit is a great option! This will help your mentor/teacher to keep going even during tough times.

How to make it: To start with, you need a plastic transparent box that has got multiple sections. You can put things such as push-pins, hand sanitizer, lotion, chewing gum, chalks, and any other basics that they would need. Affirmation chits also sounds like a good idea!


Pencil Stand

Pencil Stand - diy teachers day gift
Freepik.com – Pencil stand Homemade gift for teachers day

A pencil/pen stand is one of the best teacher’s day handmade gifts. A nice handmade holder will ensure that the teachers writing aids are kept neatly and properly!

How to make it: To start with, take a tin can and paint it black. Then grab a pack of coloured pencils and pens and stick each one of them one after the other on the tin vertically. Lastly, tie a ribbon around it and gift it to your loving teacher!


Handmade bookmark

Handmade bookmark - teachers day gift handmade
Pixels -Teachers day gift handmade

It’s no surprise that every teacher loves to read and we rarely find them without any book in their hands. Therefore, gifting them a handmade bookmark will be a wonderful handmade teacher’s day gift that they would love, cherish, and use!

How to make it: Cut a long piece of paper and back it up with colour or patterned paper. Then write the message of your choice in the center and cut small strips of lace and decorate the base. Lastly, punch a hole to add a ribbon and gift it to your teacher!


Teacher’s Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages: Most of us didn’t realize how our teachers taught us life and academic lessons back then! But to appreciate them, check out teacher’s day quotes, wishes, and messages!

Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas: Let your teachers know what they mean to you by giving them the best gifts to celebrate the day! Check out some great gift ideas!


Teacher’s day is nearly a month away so that leaves you with enough time to make a handmade teacher’s day gift!

Featured Image: Wijdan Mq on Unsplash

06 Aug 2021
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