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No More Bad Hair Days! Here’s How You Can Tame Baby Hair Like A Boss

No More Bad Hair Days! Here’s How You Can Tame Baby Hair Like A Boss

As a person with a lot of hairfall, I know that baby hair can be pretty annoying. They won’t ever behave and can make you look and feel like you’ve just gotten out of bed. While there’s nothing you can do to get rid of baby hair and we DO NOT recommend you even try unless you want major bald spots. It’s a common problem and often gets worse in the humidity. Most of the times baby hair just have a mind of their own. Some days they decide to stand on end and other days you won’t see them at all. With just little effort and some easy breezy hacks, you can tame baby hair like a boss! 


1. Hairspray and a toothbrush

Once you’ve styled your hair the way you want it, generously spritz hairspray on a toothbrush and comb your baby hair into place. this will make sure the hair stays in place through the day. The toothbrush will ensure that all of the baby hair gets coated with hairspray.

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2. Always use a heat protectant

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The baby hair on the front of your forehead is generally lighter and weaker than the rest of your hair. Too much heat styling can cause them to burn and break. Use heat protectant to ensure that you protect them from any damage.

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3. Be a man, literally

Well not literally, but you get me right? Take your man’s hair gel or a hair styling cream and apply it to your baby hair and set them in place. Use the toothbrush to set them into place.

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4. SOS fixes

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If your baby hair surprise you and you’re not prepared to use anything you have handy. Body lotion, lip balm, even baby oil works! Anything emollient basically! Just don’t apply too much. Hairstylists suggest taking a VERY small amount into the palm of your hands and rubbing them together. Then rub your hands along your hairline and set all of the baby hair in place.

5. Take your vitamins

If your hair fall and baby hair are a cause of new hair growth, taking some hair supplements could help your hair grow out faster. Consult your doctor if you think you have excessive hair fall. Baby hair could even be genetic, it may not necessarily be a sign of hair fall or weak hair.

No more shying away from the updos ladies! 

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12 Jul 2018

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