Shaving With Baby Oil & 9 Other ​*Awesome*​ Beauty Hacks!

Shaving With Baby Oil & 9 Other ​*Awesome*​ Beauty Hacks!
Let’s face it, it’s not always easy being a girl. Juggling work, studies, family, friends, boyfriends and managing to look our best all the time is no easy feat. So we decided to make life easier for you with some awesome beauty hacks every girl should know by the time she’s in her twenties. Having these in your arsenal will help you look way more put together even if you feel the opposite.

1. Wake Up Your Eyes

1 beauty hacks for every girl

Tired of looking so exhausted? Wake up your eyes in a jiffy by applying nude or white eyeliner along your lower waterline for brighter-looking eyes.

2.  A Beautiful Pout

With this trick, you can make your lips seriously pop, even if you’re wearing a subtle shade of lipstick. Apply highlighter or a luminizer with your finger all around your lip line. It really will help your pout stand out.

3. Lemon Head

3 beauty hacks for every girl

Is your skin looking particularly dull? Simply run a lemon slice over your face to instantly brighten your skin and bring a glow.

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4. Cover Those Under-Eye Bags

Your 20s are filled with late nights, early mornings and constantly feeling sleep-deprived, which means dark circles are ruining your life. Cover them up like a pro with an orange or peach-toned concealer that will cancel out the blue-purple tones. Then, add your usual yellow-toned concealer on top.

5. Make Your Ends Look Healthy

5 beauty hacks for every girl

Are split ends making your locks look unhealthy and dull? If you don’t have time to go for a trim, just take a teeny bit of lotion and pinch it through those ends to help them look healthier and shiny.

6. Master The Cat Eye

Still struggling to draw perfect flicks? Well, instead of trying to draw freehand with your eyeliner pen, try this trick. Simply create the outline first. Use the tip of your pen to draw wing outwards from the outer corner of your eye and then draw a line to connect it to your lid (like a tiny triangle). Next, draw a straight line from the inner corner of your eye and connect it to this triangle. Now simply fill it all in! It’s so much easier than trying to get a steady hand and drawing freehand wings.

7. Shave With Baby Oil

7 beauty hacks for every girl

Try it instead of shaving cream. This helps your legs stay smoother for longer and can also extend the life of the razor.

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8. Make Your Perfume Last All Day

Make sure you’re applying it to the right places to help it last for ages. The hot spots are behind your ears, inside your wrists, behind the knees, inside your elbows and the base of your throat.

9. Ice Your Face

9 beauty hacks for every girl

It’s the quickest way to wake up your skin and brighten your complexion. Just run to your freezer and grab a few cubes, submerge your face in them or rub some along your face with a napkin. Also, it’s always handy to keep a spoon in your fridge. Gently press it against your under eye areas to depuff your eyes and look less tired quick.

10. Frizz Buster

Are those flyaway strands ruining your look or are the frizzy pieces of hair sticking out of your ponytail driving you nuts? Just spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and run it along those strands to help them stay in place.

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