Netflix Binge Got You Staying Up All Night? Here Are 4 Skin Signs That You Need Some Rest

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 26, 2021
Netflix Binge Got You Staying Up All Night? Here Are 4 Skin Signs That You Need Some Rest


The sleeping beauty wasn’t the main character for no reason! Sure, she didn’t have Instagram or YouTube to steal her ZZZs away, but she did get the message across – beauty sleep is the way to go. We often feel lethargic, tired and exhausted after a night of bad sleep. It is only understandable for our skin to show the same effects. Coffee and energy drinks might save you from dozing off in the middle of your meetings, but they don’t help your skin at all. When it comes to your skin’s downtime, there is no alternative to sleep.

The mix of coffee, energy drinks and work deadlines might be able to keep you up and running, but your skin will not fail to give you signs of lack of sleep. If you’re wondering how to spot these signs, we have listed below some pointers to look out for.

4 Skin Signals Of Sleep Deprivation



Insufficient sleep increases the cortisol levels in our bodies. Cortisol is a hormone that induces inflammation in the body. This is how lack of sleep makes your skin look puffy. Along with increasing puffiness in your skin, a rise in cortisol levels can also make your skin more prone to acne and allergies.


Lack of sleep induces tiredness in the body which takes no time to reflect on the skin. It reduces the blood circulation in the body, and hence the supply of oxygen to the skin. This leads to dullness in skin, accompanied by pigmented or greyish patches on the skin.

Loss Of Elasticity


Due to loss of sleep, stress begins to accumulate in the body and leads to a lessened production of collagen in the skin. As your body struggles to find a hormonal balance, collagen breaks down, and your skin can find it hard to hold on to its firmness and elasticity. It can also lead to visible changes like fine lines and wrinkles.

Loss Of Plumpness

Our body perspires more when we sleep. This helps to rebalance the body’s hydration levels and acts as a natural moisturizing process. When we lose sleep, this process is cut short, and also lowers our pH levels. This leads to dry skin and loss of plumpness.

So make sure you get your ZZZs in and boost your skin’s health with hydration enhancing skincare products:

How many hours of sleep do you get?

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