Dry Skin Superheroes: 5 Hydrating Toners That Will Take Your Beauty Game Up A Notch!

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 8, 2021
Dry Skin Superheroes: 5 Hydrating Toners That Will Take Your Beauty Game Up A Notch!


If you have a normal skin type, answer this – what does it feel like to be God’s favourite? Although skincare is a tricky field to gauge for all skin types, it sure gets trickier with dry skin types. If you have dry skin, you automatically lose the privilege of being able to try 25% of the products that can work wonders for your skin concerns. Normal skin type, on the other hand, is exempt from this curse.

Like many other skincare products, toners are something an individual with a dry skin type would be specifically wary of. The reason being their intense cleansing action that leads to further dryness. While all skin types are advised to stay away from extremely dehydrating toner formulas that strip the skin’s natural moisture, this criteria is just not enough for them to be dry skin-friendly. So, if you’re a dry skin diva who has been missing out on toner advantages, you might want to reshuffle your skincare routine to make space for these hydrating toners and essences. These do-gooders remove all traces of impurities from the skin and help in evening out the skin tone – all that while hydrating your dry skin. Isn’t that sick?


Hydration Nation

We’re Talking Hydration With A Pinch Of Glow

Enriched with rosehip oil, this brightening toner by MyGlamm is a dry skin saver. It keeps your skin even-toned, taut, and boosts natural radiance.

For A Punch Of Floral Refreshment

Hydration, cleansing effect, even-toned skin and the most beautiful packaging – this little number is a perfect package.

Your Daily Skin Diet

This Kiehl’s toner is formulated with nourishing ingredients like avocado oil, squalene, and vitamin E. Bonus? It is suitable for all skin types.

Soft And Supple Skin? Check!

Dry skin can easily form a texture that feels rough to touch. This Klairs toner is a calming formula that softens the skin, eliminates impurities, and boosts the skin’s hydration levels.

Lock That Moisture In, Will Ya?

Formulated with rice extracts, ceramide, rice bran oil and all things good, this moisturizing toner keep the pH level of the skin balanced and helps improve overall skin texture.

Do not forget to moisturize no matter how hydrating or nourishing your toner might be. Try:

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