6 Skincare Products That Are Perfect For Your Morning Routine

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 20, 2021
6 Skincare Products That Are Perfect For Your Morning Routine


Picture this: You went to bed at 10 pm for the sake of an organised routine. Woke up early, did some yoga, and even managed to get a dose of healthy breakfast in. Even reading that feels amazing, right? Then you go to your dresser to get ready for your day, and what do you see? Even though you’ve been up and running since dawn, your skin looks like it didn’t get the memo. It’s equal amounts frustrating and confusing to see your skin still puffy, dull and lifeless, almost like it’s still sleeping! Well, if this happens to you, then my friend, are not alone. We all go through this. And guess what? We actually have the perfect mix of skincare to wake your skin up in the most amazing way possible! Trust us, your skin will thank you for life.

The First Wakeup Call – The Cleanser

Wake your skin up with a gentle cleanser that wakes your skin up with a subtle zestiness of orange peel and sandalwood. It can help in removing your PM skincare gently and prep it for your AM skincare routine.

Your Daily Morning Coffee Fix

Caffeine is in the name! You imagined it right – this serum is, in fact just like coffee for your skin. A couple of drops of it, and your skin will feel energized, and definitely woken up. It can also help combat any puffiness in your face.

An Alarm Clock Your Skin Will Love

Consider this your skin’s alarm clock, except this one is much more calming and you would never want to hit snooze. Use this vibrating jade roller on your skin to quite literally, shake your skin up!

Hello, Your Eyes Called For A Pick-Me-Up?

Puffy eyes are our worst enemy! Get rid of them with this rosehip oil-infused eye cream that will deeply nourish your skin and keep it hydrated. While eye creams with thicker consistency almost lull your skin to sleep, this one is literally the opposite. It has a thin consistency, so no creasy makeup either!

KISS Your PM Skin Goodbye In The AM

Sometimes, we wake up to dull and colourless lips too. Infuse some life in them with a mint-infused lip balm like this. It can help increase blood circulation, which can bring back colour to your lips naturally, while its intensely moisturizing effect will keep the delicate skin of your lips protected.

For A Dose Of Freshness

And if you feel like none of the skincare above did the trick (which we’re honestly doubtful of), put this hydrating facial mist to the test. Our last weapon in the wake-me-up inventory, this Kiehl’s Tibetan Ginseng facial mist gives the skin a refreshing boost and keeps it hydrated.

Which skincare product hold the superpower to instantly wake your skin up?

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