10 K-Beauty Sheet Masks To Add To Your Skincare To ‘Dew’ List

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 21, 2021
10 K-Beauty Sheet Masks To Add To Your Skincare To ‘Dew’ List


When I count my blessings, I count Korean beauty and skincare twice. Why wouldn’t I? From trends like glass skin to solutions like double cleansing, K-beauty has made important headlines in the beauty industry, and for all the right reasons. While their insanely popular 10-step K-beauty skincare regime might feel a teeny bit daunting, they also come with one of the easiest (and fun) ways to reap maximum skincare benefits – in the form of sheet masks!

Among beauty holy grails like compact cushions and BB creams, the Korean beauty industry has given us sheet masks – a 15-minute escape from reality that makes your skin feel pampered and gives it an extra dose of nourishment that it has been lacking. Apart from acting like quick pick-me-ups, sheet masks can be the key to glass-like dewy skin that K-beauty has got everybody dreaming about.

A Hand-Picked Bunch

The K-beauty sheet mask craze peaked some 4 years ago in the Indian community and we never saw the end of it. If you’re a part of the Sheet Masks Fan Club, you are going to love this list of our favourite K-beauty sheet masks for these skin concerns:

Your Anti-Oxidant Skincare Fix

Our skin is oxidizing at a fast pace – due to the environment it is exposed to, and because of bodily functions as well. Treat it to some extra TLC with this yum anti-oxidant sheet mask that is infused with Acai Berry extracts.

The Secret To Ageing Backwards

K-beauty is known to use a couple of eyebrow-raising ingredients in their skincare, and the snail is one of those. This snail serum infused sheet mask does what the K-beauty skincare is obsessed with – age-defying.

For Your Skin-Soothing Sesh

Your skin goes through a lot of things – heat, pollution, makeup, bad skincare and even stress. Maybe its time for some skin-soothing sessions to make up for it?

You Are Not Forgetting Skin Nutrition, Are You?

K-beauty skincare focuses on hydration and nutrition like no other. So if you’re following the Korean skincare tips, you’re not missing out on the same, right? Grab this avocado infused sheet mask that can help boost nutrition in your skin.

The Staple K-Beauty Rice Skincare

When you hear rice skincare or haircare, your mind will automatically go to K-beauty skincare. Rice infused beauty is a K-beauty staple, and true Korean skincare fans would not be seen without it!

Acne Care With Tea Tree

While K-beauty skincare majorly focuses on nourishing and prevention, there are some unfortunate acne accidents. combat those gnarly situations with tea tree infused sheet masks.

So This Is The Secret To ROSY Cheeks?

Rose is an essential skincare ingredient in India as well and is known for its calming and skin-soothing properties. Gift your skin an extra dose of pampering with this rose serum infused sheet mask and get that glow!

Boost Your Skin’s Vitality With This One

Lack of suitable skincare or nutrition can make your skin look dull, exhausted, and pretty much lifeless. Use this blueberry serum infused sheet mask that can help boost vitality and vigour back into your skin.

An Extra Dose Of Moisture

Bamboo water- another popular K-beauty skincare ingredient we are amazed by. It helps in deeply hydrating the skin and locks in moisture for the dewy-est skin of your life.

Care For Some Pearly Good Texture?

An uneven texture on skin is also one of the biggest skin concerns ATM. Try this sheet mask that is enriched with pearl extracts that will help you achieve an even, glass-like pearly texture that you’ll love.

Which K-beauty sheet mask is making its way to your shopping cart?

Featured Image: Pexels