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7 Signs You’re In The *Right* Relationship For You!

7 Signs You’re In The *Right* Relationship For You!

When you fall in love, everything feels right and the world seems like a happier place. But a few months into it, flaws and faults make themselves visible and you start doubting if you’re in the right relationship at all. Should you stay in it or quit for something better? Here are 7 ways to know that you are indeed in the right relationship.

1. You are in love with yourself a bit more since he fell in love with you.

And that’s how you know what loving another truly means – celebrating their imperfections and making them stronger than they were before.

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2. You respect him, his work and his opinion… Even if you may not agree with them.

And that’s how you know that even when disagreements break between you two, they won’t break you two.

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3. You are his inspiration, and he is your strength… And with him by your side, you really do feel indestructible.

And that’s how you know what being a muse means, and what falling back on someone in times of doubt feels like too.

right relationship

4. Your sex life is exciting, even though you’re no longer in your “honeymoon period”

And that’s how you know what being truly comfortable in each other’s presence and responsive to each other’s needs means.

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5. You love the way he smells and you love the way his voice sounds when he is half asleep…

And that’s how you know that you’ve fallen for the little things that make him the man that he is.

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6. You look forward to a future where he’ll be your travelling partner, the father to your children, and the person you will begin and end every day with…

And that’s how you know that you wanna grow old with him.

7. You can’t imagine spending your life with anyone but him.

And that’s how you know he is irreplaceable in your life. And if he’s the only one you want, it can’t be anything but right, right?

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05 May 2016

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