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20+ Date Ideas That Guarantee A Romantic Time With Your Special Someone!

20+ Date Ideas That Guarantee A Romantic Time With Your Special Someone!

Okay, you might be the best couple in the world, the inseparable ones, the most solid of them all and yet there might be days when you are simply out of date night ideas. The usual dinners are okay, but sometimes you want things to be a little different and our list of ideas for romantic dates is sure to come in handy. So ladies, if your partner is not great at coming up with plans, you got to bookmark this so your weekends are never boring! These epic romantic date ideas always work like magic.   

Romantic Virtual Date Ideas

Romantic online date ideas


All of us have had enough of the current coronavirus pandemic and given the stressful time, we often lash out on each other. In fact, it is even tougher on long-distance couples and that’s exactly why you will need this list of romantic virtual date ideas:


Share a Virtual Cooking Session

Who says you can not have a candlelight dinner while working a long-distance relationship? While eating together on a video call is fun in itself, you can definitely take it a notch higher by cooking together. Even better if you manage to cook the same dish. Help each other through the process, compare the results, and then eat together. Sounds like a fun date, right? 

Virtual Movie Night 

Miss going to the movies with your boo? Here’s an idea: make a generous bowl of popcorn, dim your room lights, snuggle in your comforter, and share the screen while on a video call and watch your favourite movie together. Trust us, it is way more romantic than it sounds. 

Virtual Game Night 

Take it from us, a little competition goes a long way and a virtual game night is one of those romantic date ideas that never fail to work their magic. All you have to do is know about the kind of online games that your partner would enjoy. From Ludo to Pools to Mini Militia, anything (and everything) can fall into this list.

Take A Virtual Tour 

Missing all the travelling adventures with your partner? We have just the romantic virtual date idea that you are looking for: take a virtual tour. Just FYI, Google Arts and Culture have partnered with over 2,500 museums and galleries across the world so as to offer virtual tours of their spaces. Their list comprises some of the most famous museums in the world including the New York Museum of Modern Art and Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum. But that’s just an option. You can also visit a zoo, explore the Great Wall of China, take a hike at American Beautiful National Perks, and even take a trip to Mars, all from the comfort of your home. All of this plus a shared Zoom screen and voila, you have the best virtual date ever!


Romantic Date Ideas At Home

romantic date ideas at home


Sometimes, it’s more romantic at home than it is outdoors. If you’re looking to plan something special for your special one then we have just the ideas for you. Here are some romantic date ideas for home to do just that:



Private Spa Date

If you happen to be looking for romantic date ideas at home, then you will one hundred per cent like this one. It’s simple: have a spa day at home where you and your partner get to pamper each other. And trust us, as fun as it sounds, it is an experience that will also strengthen your bond. You can both have an indulgent day of foot soaks, face masks, and, of course, sensual massages. The basic idea is to pamper each other and help each other relax while you are at it. Oh and don’t forget the wine, lot’s of it! 

Relive Your First Date 

Okay, here’s a romantic date idea at home that asks for a little bit of effort, but it’s totally worth it! What you basically need to do is recreate a home version of your very first date. The devil’s in the detail here. You can cook or order whatever you ate, dig up the parts of your conversation that have stayed with you since then, or set up your hall for a movie screening if it was a movie date. Basically, the world is your oyster here and it’s sure to be a successful date!

Star Gazing 

Okay, this romantic date night idea is epic and also super-duper easy to set up especially if the two of you happen to be night owls. All you need to do is a nice and cosy throw to lie on, some fluffy pillows, and your partner. Yup, that easy. You can do it on your lawn or the terrace. Just lie down together, look at the night sky, and talk about life. This experience would be every bit magical, we promise!

Ballroom Dancing 

Happen to be blessed with a dancer who can throw in some graceful moves whenever required? We have the perfect romantic date idea for him! All you need to do is put on your dancing shoes, dim the lights, throw in some disco or fairy lights, peppy music, and ask your partner for a dance. 


Romantic Date Ideas When Going Out

romantic date ideas outdoors


Can’t wait for a coronavirus free world and to finally have an outdoor date? Yup, us too! Here is a list of romantic date ideas that will come in handy when you finally get to do it:

Go Wine Tasting 

Happen to have a partner who likes it fancy? Here is a romantic date idea that you’re both sure to love: Go wine tasting! Most wine vineyards offer an exhaustive experience with a full tour and tasting session. You might get to crush on some juicy globe grapes and get messy with your partner’s hands in yours. 


Curate A Picnic

We think it’s time that we bring old school dates back on the menu and curating a picnic is definitely number one on our list and a fun idea for a romantic date. You can start by finding a nice location, preferably a lush, gorgeous park. Then comes the menu and we suggest cold cucumber sandwiches, croissants and other finger foods to nibble on. Bring something to drink, your sun hats, a book or cards to play. Don’t forget to click a lot of pictures! 

Food Truck Tour

A total foodie and happen to have an equally hungry partner? Well, your own version of a grub fest is definitely one of the most romantic ideas for a date in your case. You gotta start by making a list of food trucks you both love or have been dying to try. Start out on a weekend and make your way through all of them. Don’t forget to Instagram it all for your friends! 

Go Hiking

Love all things adventure? Then you and your partner need to plan a hiking date! Find out a terrain located at a decent distance from your house. Pack up the essentials and get going. To be out in the open with your special one and experiencing nature sounds like an excellent idea for a romantic date. 

Romantic Date Night Ideas

romantic date night  ideas at home



Aren’t date nights the best? Here’s a list of romantic date night ideas that we absolutely swear by:

Know Their Body 

How about a night when you just makeout (no sex) and learn more about each other’s body? This is one of those romantic date night ideas which is sure to spice up your sex life. Dedicate an evening to each other, slip into something that your partner loves and explore each other’s body part by part. Kiss them, lightly move your fingers along their erogenous zones and just really connect with each other. Tell your partner what you like and what you don’t and get them to express their desires too. 

Book A Room!

Hotel rooms will never stop being sexy and you know it. Also, how about you let your boyfriend do the chilling and take the lead here. Tell him that you have a surprise and take control of everything right from the booking to travel and everything that follows! This legit is one of the best romantic date ideas for your boyfriend and you have no idea how much he is going to love it! 


Go Skinny Dipping

To begin with, this happens to be one of those highly underrated ideas for a romantic date that you need to try the next time you are travelling. The best part? You don’t need anything, just your partner and, of course, a safe beach to try it on. Even better if you can manage to get a nice deal for a private pool stay. Just shed your clothes, dive in the water, and admire the beauty of a starry night (or an early morning) and your partner, au natural.

Dine Al Fresco 

If the weather permits, a candlelight dinner under the stars makes for an amazing romantic date night idea. You can even have a menu curated just for the two of you and follow up the intimate dinner with an even more intimate night. 

Romantic Date Ideas For Married Couples

Romantic Date Ideas For Married Couple



Firstly, congratulations that you have found someone to spend the rest of your life with! And now that that’s done, here’s how to make each one of these days truly epic:

Work Together To Make A Hearty Dinner 

The coronavirus pandemic really had us eating at home and that too for months at end. Well, the pandemic isn’t over yet and this is exactly why we believe that this is one of the best romantic date ideas for married couples: cooking a gourmet meal together! Yup, you read that right. Make sure you have prepared in advance and have all the ingredients that you’d need. Wear matching aprons and get down and dirty in the kitchen! 

Paint But Make It Sensual 

Here’s one of the more steamy romantic date ideas for married couples: Paint each other! Start with the face, move on to the neck and then slowly strip as you work your way down to each other’s body. Sexy, right?

Bubble Bath 

Nothing as romantic and relaxing as a bubble bath, right? Well, then what are you waiting for? Call for bath oils, essentials oils, candles and a bottle of wine and soak in with your partner for a romantic date like no other!


Create A List 

Happily married couples know all about the joys of planning life together and if you happen to be one of them then we highly recommend that you make a list. However, this list is not going to be about material things and goals. It is going to be a list of emotions. Talk about 5 things that make you happy, 5 things that make you sad, emotional experiences that you look forward to in life, emotions that you have been having problems with and so on. This is a romantic date idea that you’ll cherish for years to come. 


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Lastly, no matter how extravagant or simple your romantic date idea happens to be, it is important that both of you have fun. Don’t go after perfection, instead try to have a good time and the romance will automatically follow. Happy dating, fam!


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01 Nov 2020

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