Chexing, Frating & 9 *New* Relationship Terms You Should Know!

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Jul 11, 2017
Chexing, Frating & 9 *New* Relationship Terms You Should Know!


We’ve all been in, or at least witnessed, various kinds of relationships. What with online dating taking over our lives, it’s been a dating revolution altogether. So much so that the word relationship just doesn’t cover it anymore. Here are 11 relationship slang words to describe all the funny and slightly weird dating trends that have come into existence, courtesy Urban Dictionary!

1. Textationship

A relationship, intimate or not, long or short, between two people who use texting as the primary form of conversation. Often because they cannot express their emotions well through any other source.

Example: I like being in a textationship, I don’t have to put in too much efforts but I get the results!

1 relationship slang words - texting girl

2. Chexing

An evolved form of relationship where both the partners are in for chat + sexting = chexing!

Example: Oh, Rahul and I are not dating, we’re just chexing if you know what I mean!

3. Relationblip

Any relationship which spans between a couple of days to three months where both the partners don’t really give any importance to each other and enter into the relationship just for the heck of it is known as a relationblip.

Example: It was fine in the beginning but then it just turned into a relationblip.

3 relationship slang words - boy bye

4. Situationship

Any relationship which does not have a label on it like ‘friends with benefits’ or people who have ‘a thing’ are actually in a situationship. They are in a relationship but only because the situation calls for it and don’t really consider it serious dating.

Example: Really can’t believe I, of all people, got into a situationship but I guess…the situation does call for it!

5. Masturdating

Masturdating is one of the most frquently seen relationships that we millennials are getting into these days. It’s when you enjoy spending time with yourself and going out alone to movies and dinners. Basically dating yourself #LikeABoss!

Example: All this relationship business is so annoying, I’d rather just be masturdating!

5 relationship slang words - alone new girl

6. Flirtationship

You’re in a flirtationship when you frequently flirt with a friend or someone you know but do nothing more than that. Pretty easy, huh?

Example: I like being in a flirtationship with Sumit until I get to know him better.

7. Crackship

Crackship is any relationship that is too crazy to even happen IRL. Which basically includes all kinds of fandoms.

Example: Your fandom for Ryan Gosling is a crackship not a relationship!

7 relationship slang words - are you crazy

8. Cuffing

Cuffing is the kind of relationship where the boyfriend tends to get super jealous if his girlfriend is friends with any other guy and so hes stop her from doing so a.k.a he ‘cuffs’ her.

Example: I don’t know how Sheila lives with Rohit, he keeps cuffing her all the time.

9. Vacationship

A vacationship is a long distance relationship where the couple gets together often only for excursions, trips or vacations. This results in them avoiding the dating struggles that come with seeing your partner regularly.

Example: Call it a relationship or a vacationship, at least we’re both happy together!

9 relationship slang words - couple on beach

10. Frating

Frating is the relationship that comes before the relationship. When two people befriend each other with the intention of dating soon but can’t really call it a relationship yet. Basically the ‘getting to know you’ phase.

Example: We’re just frating right now but I think he might ask me out soon!

11. Delaytionship

A relationship which starts online but does not go beyond emails and chats is known as a delaytionship.

Example: I could not go on having a delaytionship with him, it was going nowhere!

11 relationship slang words - goodbye

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