Textasm, Textasy, Textasterone… 15 Cool *New* Words!

Textasm, Textasy, Textasterone… 15 Cool *New* Words!

Texting is something we all do on a regular day to day basis, don’t we? But did you know that every texting situation that you have ever been in, has a name? Yes, that’s right! Urban Dictionary has a creative list of texting words to describe all those situations for you! Here are a few texting terms that you can easily show off the next time you text your friends!

1. Textasation

Textasation is a situation when a large number of text messages are exchanged between two people in quick succession making it look like a face-to-face conversation even if it’s not.

How to use: Avinash almost started a textasation with me so I told him I was in a meeting!

2. Textathon

Much like a marathon, a textathon is a long time period of texting just one person.

How to use: I am so hoping to get into a textathon with Nikhil tonight, it’s been so long since we caught up!

3. Textate

Textate is when you speak something out loud for the other person to text, because either they are doing it on your behalf or they can’t figure out what to say.

How to use: Nisha really didn’t how to tell that guy off, I had to textate the whole thing to her.

4. Textasm

Textasm is a very important term for all your future sexting conversations. During a session of sexting when two people reach the highest level of dirtiness that cannot be matched up to, they reach the climax of the conversation a.k.a the textasm.

How to use: I think our relationship has gone up to another level since last night when we reached a textasm together!

5. Textarded

Any person who is super slow when it comes to texting or often sends incomplete texts is known as a textard.

How to use: Can you imagine Avinash replied to my invitation after two nights? He is so textarded!

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6. Textastrophe

A situation where all of us have been at least once, a textastrophe is when you send the wrong text to the wrong person.

How to use: I just called my mother ‘babe’, this is a total textastrophe!

7. Textarrhea

Those days in life when you just can’t stop texting so keep sending texts as fast as the number of times you go to the washroom when you have diarrhea.

How to use: I was so bored this weekend, I must have annoyed people with my severe case of textarrhea!

8. Textatary

When you are involved in an activity, like driving and can’t text yourself, you ask someone else to do it for you, making that person your textatary.

How to use: Hey, Nik, I’m the designated driver for tonight, will you be me textatary?

9. Textasy

Textasy is a situation when your phone gets flooded by so many messages that it stops responding to regular commands and has to be rebooted to normalcy.

How to use: Sorry for the late reply, I just switched on my WiFi and it was like my phone was tripping on textasy!

10. Textaside

Textaside is when you’re stuck in a social gathering with a friend but have to tell her a really inappropriate joke so you end up texting her instead, even when she is sitting right next to you!

How to use: Psst! Check your phone, I am textasiding you!

10 texting terms

11. Textasterone

Textasterone is the sudden need to text, usually when some social interaction is needed.

How to use: Can’t believe I texted my ex if he saw the new Deadpool movie last night, I must have major textasterone running in my body!

12. Textashot

Dial-a-shot is when two people call each other and both of them have a shot on two other ends of a call. Textashot is when you and that friend send pictures of yourself doing a shot before you get engaged in a round of dial-a-shot! A bit complicated, isn’t it?

How to use: My long distance friend and I always do a textashot before our regular weekend dial-a-shots!

13. Textassult

Contrary to the previous, this one is rather simple. Textassult basically means insulting someone via texts. We all do it, don’t we?

How to use: I feel like I textassulted Vikram even when all I did was just tell the truth about how I hated his new shirt.

14. Textasperated

You know those moments when you’re typing a message so serious or so epic that you just don’t take a moment of breathe until all those multiple paragraphs are written and sent? The feeling you get after you’ve hit send is called textasperated.

How to use: I am so sick of telling Avinash why I am angry. I mean, I am so textasperated and he can’t even see it!

15. Textascape

And when we are tired of being textasperated and all the textarrhea and just need a break from all text based communication, we call it a textascape.

How to use: Geez, I am getting so annoyed with all these notifications. Think I need a textascape soon!

15 texting terms

Go ahead, girls, flaunt your ‘text’ing knowledge with all those poor ignorant souls!

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