High School vs College: How Things Change In A *Relationship*

High School vs College: How Things Change In A *Relationship*
Dating changes with time and age. In your 20s, you can’t possibly date like a 15 year old, right?  Well, here are 10 things that change when dating in high school vs college! How many of these have you noticed?!

1. Meeting people

In School: You are restricted to boys living near your house or studying in your school!

In College: You’ve got guy friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends! The possibilities are endless!

2. Getting ready for a date

In School: You spend a week discussing your OOTD with your friends and then pick out the prettiest dress you own, preferably in his favourite colour!

In College: With the amount of assignments and exams you have, you almost forget it’s date night and end up wearing your sweats and his football team jersey!

2 dating in high school vs college

3. Going on a date

In School: Great music, food and a sweet gift are a must, even if you can do without the scented candles!

In College: Netflix and chill? Yes, please!

4. Giving gifts

In School: You make him a care package with all his favourite things so that he knows you are with him even when you are not!

In College: You wonder what he’d prefer - food or a Star Wars sweater?

4 dating in high school vs college

5. Gift expectations

In School: You hope he gives you flowers and writes you something amazing...and oooh, chocolates!

In College: You pray to God he picks up on your subtle hints and buys you groceries instead. Or pays your phone bill. Or both.

6. Casual dating

In School: OMG, no. If he can’t even define the relationship, then he is so not worth it!

In College: You know it’s love when both of you want to date in a way that you are not dating!

6 dating in high school vs college

7. Having an argument

In School: You hang up on each other but then quickly apologize because you can’t imagine spending a night without talking to them!

In College: You can do without talking to each other for weeks but you’d rather not because you two have that movie to catch together since the tickets are already booked!

8. Getting intimate

In School: Kissing is the most extreme you can imagine going with him…for now!

In College: Your conversations begin with a kiss and end with...well.

8 dating in high school vs college

9. Thinking about the future

In School: You scribble your name with his surname behind notebooks and have already decided the name of your children!

In College: Future? You mean, tomorrow?

10. Opinion about the opposite sex

In School: Men are so immature!!

In College: Men are so...well, still immature!

10 dating in high school vs college

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