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#BudgetBride: 6 Reasons That’ll Convince You To Rent Your Bridal Lehenga!

#BudgetBride: 6 Reasons That’ll Convince You To Rent Your Bridal Lehenga!

Renting your bridal lehenga doesn’t sound quite right, right? You’ve dreamt of this one outfit all your life and you want to own it, have it with you forever. But think about it… Indian weddings are not just about two people getting married, they involve a lot of money as well. From elaborate food spreads, themed functions and never-ending guest list, you’ve got to budget for a lot of things. And if you could cut cost without really compromising much, you should take up the offer! 

Buying a bridal lehenga from a designer store is sure to leave a hole in your pockets, so why not rent it?!

6 Reasons That’ll Convince You To Rent Your Bridal Lehenga!

It’s completely your wish about whether you want to go ahead with it or not, but at least give it a thought!

1. It Will Save You Time & Money


Spending more than a lakh on your lehenga or shelling out a few thousand bucks on a designer bridal lehenga – which is better? A few thousands, of course! The first and the most practical reason for not buying a bridal lehenga is that it saves your time and money. When you rent a lehenga, you get the opportunity to rock a designer piece in just a fraction of the cost. It will also save you the repeated and hectic trips to Chandni Chowk!

2. You’ll Never Wear It Again

Let’s face it, you are not going to wear your bridal lehenga again! Even if you restyle your lehenga, how many times are you actually going to wear it!? Bridal lehengas are always special but we’re a generation that easily gets bored from a particular design and the trends change every season. 

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3. No Aftercare Required

Once bought, you have to store your wedding lehenga properly to maintain the exquisite work and fabric. You can’t just hang it in there! Even if you do store it with the utmost care, a dry clean every few months is suggested. And let’s not forget all the space it’ll take up in your cupboard. 

4. Let’s Talk Money, Honey!


The money that you’re saving on your bridal lehenga can very well be used somewhere else. You can plan a longer honeymoon, add it to your dream home account or invest in jewellery instead. Now that sounds practical, right?

5. You Can Wear Your Fave Designer!

Be it Sabysachi or Anamika Khanna, you can wear your dream lehenga without any guilt if you rent it! Given that designer lehengas cost nothing less than a few lakhs, renting one will set you back only by a fraction of the original cost. So, ready to be a Sabya bride?

6. Be A Trendsetter

You might be thinking that no one you know has rented a bridal lehenga, so why should you? Well, be a trendsetter girl! Break the norms and have your wedding, your way. 

Not only renting a bridal lehenga is practical, but it’s super easy too. Here are some websites from where you can easily pick a designer piece on rent:

  • Flyrobe

From bridal lehengas to anarkalis and gowns, Flyrobe has everything you need. 

  • Stage3

Stage3 is another website that offers stunning outfits by ace designers from across the country. 

  • The Clothing Rental

The best part about The Clothing Rental is that they also rent footwear along with outfits. They also have two stores in Mumbai if you wish to visit post lockdown.  

  • Renting Attire

Renting Attire is a website where you’ll find outfits according to the occasion – be it your sangeet or your wedding.  

Think about it, brides-to-be and don’t forget to share it with others who’ll love the idea!

Featured Image: Instagram/Picture Perfect

29 Apr 2020

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