10 Ways To Care For Your Precious Lehenga *After* The Wedding!

10 Ways To Care For Your Precious Lehenga *After* The Wedding!
You’ve in all probability spent an enormous amount of time and energy selecting your bridal outfit. After all, it’s not just an outfit, it’s a memory of your beautiful wedding, the one image that will never fade away. Besides the emotional quotient, you’ve also invested a large amount of moolah into this one extraordinary piece. It surely deserves some thought as to how it needs to be preserved and kept in the right way for years to come. Unlike storing the other everyday clothes, there are a few key points that you need to remember when you are keeping your ornate outfits away. We’ve listed out some effective and super smart ways to save your bridal outfit.

1. Scan through the outfit and see if it needs re-finishing.

1 save your bridal outfit You almost forget about your outfit once the day is over, but before deciding to put it away, look at the details in the garment and see if there is a need to get anything fixed. Maybe there are frayed embroidery threads, the borders are ripping off, or even the edges need to be redone. Get the finishing done again before cleaning it.

2. Cleaning at home or dry cleaning?

If your outfit has minor stains that can be removed at home, make sure to use the right detergent, soak it in warm water and use a sponge or a clean cloth to gently wipe away the soiled areas. Dry cleaning is definitely the most preferred way since it does the least damage to your outfit as it is handled by experts. But in case it is just a spot or 2 that need cleaning, do it at home, ladies, with your careful hands.

3. To hang it or to store it in a box?

3 save your bridal outfit Since this outfit is encrusted with stones, has heavy embroidery, and is made of delicate fabric, hanging it may not be a smart option in the long run. The outfit may start sagging at the seams and could lose shape. Instead, it should be folded and put in a box.

4. The right way of folding.

It’s imperative that the outfit is folded in a certain manner so as to avoid random creases that may destroy the fabric and the embroidery. Folding all the seams is the best way to go about this. The panels in the lehenga should not be folded from the middle. You should fold it panel over panel to avoid any damage to the outfit.

5. Wrap it up correctly.

5 save your bridal outfit Using an acid-free paper or a muslin cloth is the best way to wrap up your outfit before storing it. This way there are lesser chances of it attracting dust and any sort of discoloration due to fumes that are released by plastic. The muslin cloth preserves the lehenga and is one of the oldest and best ways to keep your outfit safe.

6. Where to store this box?

Put it away in an area that has no sunlight, no chances of moisture coming in and is absolutely mildew and termite free. Under the beds and non-wooden cupboards are your best bet. This way, while you carry on in life, there are no hidden elements eating away your treasured outfit.

7. Let it breathe once in a while.

7 save your bridal outfit Bring out your outfit once in a while and air it a little. This way you’ll also get to evaluate the condition of your outfit. You’ll notice if the method you adopted to store this precious piece of clothing is working for you. Over time, under different climatic conditions, the place where you stored this box may need to be changed. Best to relook.

8. Hire a professional wedding preservationist.

That’s a real thing. You can find some good services and agencies that help you pack and store the wedding outfit in the best way possible. There is no need to worry once you hand them the job. All you have to do is find a good one!

9. Transform it into something that will last forever!

9 save your bridal outfit The best way to preserve your bridal outfit is to change it into something that will last longer in terms of style. Use the lehenga to create another outfit by using it as fabric patches, borders or different parts of the outfit. This way you will be able to wear it more often and get nostalgic every time!

10. Don't forget to throw in some things for better smell.

Add some pieces of cloves or cedar oil balls to the muslin cloth for a sweet smell. They also help is preserving the quality of the fabric while keeping insects at bay.  Avoid using naphthalene balls as they have an intense smell. Images: Shutterstock