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#RealBrideTalk: If I Could Change One Thing, I Would…

#RealBrideTalk: If I Could Change One Thing, I Would…

Weddings are the most complicated affair ever! It’s a life event where the entire parivaar gets together months before to plan out each and every detail. And thanks to the tonnes of people and their ideas sometimes things, ummmm, don’t exactly go how you wish! We got friends and peeps from POPxo to reveal that one thing they wish they could change about their wedding! Read on for these real bride confessions!


1. Smile…click…blah!

“I wish I could go back in time and replace my photographer! Thanks to the really boring pictures that he clicked, my wedding albums are tucked away in some corner in my home and I hardly ever look at them,” shares Parul Budhkar, Associate Editor, POPxo.com Hindi. “My husband and I are up on the stage, like mannequins, in almost all the pics,” she laughs.

wedding problems

2. Day wedding = pretty pictures!

Manasi Gupta, a Mumbai-based business consultant wishes she had had a day wedding. “I attended a friend’s winter day wedding and liked the idea,” she shares. “You can have the ceremony outdoors, wear a lighter wedding joda, the pictures come out better and, most important, people are not tired and exhausted towards the end of the ceremony. It even ensures that your friends are a little less drunk!”

3. Rain, rain go away!

“I had too many wedding problems. I so, so wish we had a backup plan in case it rained. ’Cause it did! Besides the entire arrangement being ruined, I was also forced to have my wedding in a pub,” recalls Rayman Gill, Assistant Editor, POPxo.com.


4. Don’t be a make up ki dukaan

Rayman also shares how she wished she’d been herself and not listened to all the auntijis who forced her to put on tonnes of make up and hair extensions! “I had a 60s short updo on one of the functions and long, flowy hair extensions the other day. I so wished I had put my foot down. And I didn’t want to wear a lehenga for the wedding day. I should’ve fought for the anarkali – the silhouette flatters me more!” she laments..

wedding problems5. Little red riding hood!

Delhi-based freelance writer Megha Jaitly regrets wearing red on her wedding day. “I was pretty sure I didn’t want anything too heavy or red for my wedding but my designer convinced me otherwise. Thanks to the red ‘bridal’ color, I haven’t been able to wear that lehenga ever again. Also, it’s time to move away from the traditional red and explore newer, fresher colours,” she says.

6. Runaway photographer!

Jyoti Aggarwal, who now lives in Singapore, was ditched by her photographer at the last moment! “I can only suggest that brides do their research and hire only reliable vendors.”

7. A long engagement is needed!

A creative director with an online advertising firm, Gurgaon-based Vandita Sen actually forgot to invite a few people in the mad wedding rush! “We had a really short time between the wedding announcement and the wedding itself, and that made planning a huge problem. Not just that, we’ve also not registered our wedding till date,” she shares.


8. The pandit decided to do his own thing

Jyoti had specifically asked the pandit to leave out the kanyadaan from the wedding (“We need to change!”) and despite his prior assent, he went ahead and forced the situation. “I was annoyed to no end!”

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05 May 2016

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