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Cuter & Cheaper: Press-On Nail Kits That Are Better Than Gel Manicures

Cuter & Cheaper: Press-On Nail Kits That Are Better Than Gel Manicures

Even though gel nail paint and extensions cost a bomb, pre-pandemic me was all about “new nails, new me” every month. And the fact that my OG nails are tiny AF plays a huge role in this “investment”.

But when the salons shut down during the pandemic, and my hands started looking like a toddler’s, I had to find alternatives. That’s when I discovered press-on nail stores on Instagram, and my life has changed ever since.

Here’s why I swear by them.

They Are Hygienic

Even I used to believe that reusing nails was unhygienic. But the residue glue on these nails can be removed by filing or by dipping your nails in lukewarm water. However, the hold gets weaker every time you remove it, so ideally, you might only be able to reuse it 2-3 times.


They’re Healthier For Your OG Nails

Unlike salon extensions, you do not need to tamper with your nail bed and cuticles to apply press-on nails.

They Are Super Lightweight

The press-on nails are made of acrylic resin and are very lightweight. You don’t even feel the extra layer on your fingers, TBH.

They’re Low-Maintenance

Once your extensions start growing out, you need to go through a whole process of removing or refilling them. Using press-on nails basically avoids all of that fuss.

You can remove it at home very easily. Plus, the nail glue is not strong enough to harm your nail bed.


They’re Pocket-friendly Too

Okay, they are super cheap. I mean, I even bagged some French fake nails for ₹250. I wish I had access to press-on nails during my college days.

I bring to you some of my favourite tried and tested shops from IG.

Barbie and Ken Nails

Barbie and Ken Nails is a store that delivers throughout the country and has press-on nail designs starting at as low as ₹250.

Nails By Tricia

Nails by Tricia is another shop I loved because of its cute nail designs. And they also customise as per your requirements.


Nail For Mail

From the new blush nails that are trending to the OG chrome nails and even crystal-studded stiletto nails – Nail For Mail has the answers to all your luxe mani needs.

Nailed It

Nailed It on Insta is a treasure trove of customisations, and this Kiara Advani’s bridal mani-inspired press-on nail is my personal favourite RN.

The Nailz Station

Is it just me, or is GenZ actually obsessed with Y2K? Because Y2K is The Nailz Station’s forte, and their stiletto nails feel 10x more luxe than their actual price.

You can even get the plain nail extensions from them and try a DIY nail art at home using this cutesy POPxo Makeup – Dreamin’ Mini Nail Kit.


I am already a subscriber of press-on nails, and I hope this converts you too!

Featured Image: Instagram

26 Feb 2023

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