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Stiletto Nails Are Everywhere Thanks To Kim K — Here’s How You Can Nail The Look

Stiletto Nails Are Everywhere Thanks To Kim K — Here’s How You Can Nail The Look

Kim K cemented stilletto-shaped manis as this month’s it-girl staple, and it sent mani-enthusiasts world-over into a frenzy. The ultra-long display marked the end of the socialite’s years-long affair with neutral-toned, no-tipped manicures. Not once. Not twice. Thrice. While she has always had reservations about long, sharp tips, this switch-up got many questioning their own loyalty towards almond and squoval-shaped nails. If you’re looking to experiment with this nail-shape, you might want to take cues from the finest iterations of the trend.

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Kristmas By Kim

Kim Kardashian’s heavy-handed flick of green surprised everyone — only because they were not displayed on short, neatly-filed nails. She modelled the colour on stiletto-shaped lacquers, and the result was poppy. While the multihyphenate almost always disqualifies the tips from the aesthetic, she let them headline the look to the Baby2Baby Gala this year.

Barbiecore Tips

Her spin on the French manicure looked something like this a fusion of something as classic as French tips and as à la mode as Barbiecore.

Red Nail Theory? Yes.

What better way to put the Red Nail Theory to the test than modelling the splash of colour on finely-whittled, ultra-sharp tips? This mani’s clean, polished, and ready to bring you love. Maybe. Possibly.


Pop-Art Panic

The pop-art manicure, also known as the ‘cartoon’ manicure, features painted-on lines drawn around the perimeter of the nail. These drawn-on nails look animated — like drawings of cartoons out of a comic book. If you’re an avid comic-book reader, you might want to give this trend a go.

Glazed Goodness

This one’s for the ombre nail-art lovers. Notice how the brown diffuses across the nail before blending into the neutral-toned background seamlessly. The mani is even punctuated by accents of silver around the tips, and the result is a pretty, soft look that makes you want to reach for a cup of cocoa during Christmas.


Looking for something pearly and shimmery? You’ve found the one. Are you attending a white-veil wedding soon? Bookmark this one in that case.

Fluttery Frenzy

Butterfly nail art never goes out of style. This intricate, rainbow-dipped manicure features a butterfly on two nails while the rest of the look works with colourful tips going all the way to the base of the nail.


Confetti Charisma

How do jelly nails with a light-handed flick of confetti sound? These nails are going to fit right into your soft-glamm aesthetic.

Which one of these are you adding to your winter lookbook?

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Dec 2022

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