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This Couple Had Their Pre-Wedding Shoot Where 'Baahubali' Was Filmed & It’s Breathtaking!

This Couple Had Their Pre-Wedding Shoot Where 'Baahubali' Was Filmed & It’s Breathtaking!

One of the many reasons that made Baahubali the magnum opus of Indian cinema were its exotic locations. Have you been able to forget the romantic scenes between Avanthika and Baahubali with the gigantic waterfalls in the backdrop? No, right? Besides the chemistry between the actors, it was the scenic beauty of the place that left us awestruck. And for your info, the iconic scene was shot at the magnificent Athirapally Falls in Kerala.

Now meet a couple- Akanksha Arora and Arjun Sharma. The adorable duo was so mesmerised by the scenic beauty of the Athirappilly falls that they decided to have their pre-wedding photoshoot at the same location. The result, of course, was fabulous! Take a look at the images captured by Delhi Velvet


1 baahubali

Shooting at the Athirappilly Falls wasn’t a cakewalk. Our lovely bride Akanksha revealed, “It was quite challenging to shoot there. The force of the water was scary and we were drenched by the end of it. It was impossible to manage my hair and my mascara smudged all over my eyes! Still keeping our spirits high we managed to get a few great clicks.”


2 baahubali

3 baahubali


4 baahubali

She added, “It was an unforgettable pre-wed for us and the team. We learned that those happy and romantic pictures have a struggle of their own. But in the end, all’s well that ends well.”


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17 Nov 2017
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