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A Heartfelt Open Letter To My Future Mother-In-Law!

A Heartfelt Open Letter To My Future Mother-In-Law!

Dear mom,


Can I be totally honest with you? I can’t even believe I have a mother-in-law! It just sounds so surreal to me. I detest the fact that media and folklore have turned the word ‘mother-in-law’ into something to be feared or despised. Let me clarify right at the onset that that is not what I envision for our relationship. I really want us to be each other’s support systems. You birthed and raised your son and I couldn’t commend you more for the fine job you did on that. He’s the man I’ve chosen to spend my life with and I cannot be more thankful for everything he is. Don’t ever think that I do not see or appreciate YOUR effort in making him that person.

internal mother in law

I’m about to leave behind a life I’ve known and loved thus far. This transition isn’t going to be easy for me. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely can’t wait to begin this new chapter of my life. But at the same time, leaving everything behind is giving me the jitters. My parents raised me to be strong, independent, confident, resilient, and street smart. They didn’t teach me only one thing. That’s how to live without them! It’s going to take me some time to adjust to my new life but I know you’re going to help me through it. I ask you, my future mother-in-law, to be patient with me because I’m not perfect. I’m aware that I have flaws but what you must know about me is that I’m constantly working on them. I am proudly and unapologetically a ‘work in progress’. And just like all the other roles in my life, I will grow into that of a wife and daughter-in-law. Just give me some time and give me all your patience. I, in turn, will give you the biggest place in my heart and the love of a daughter. I can’t wait to start this journey. I can’t wait to be your family.

Let’s smash stereotypes together. Let’s call Ekta Kapoor and tell her what saas-bahu serials should ideally look like! Let’s support each other’s dreams and visions. Let people be jealous of our camaraderie. Let’s show the world what #familygoals should look like. Let people be jealous of what we share. Let us pave the way for functional relationships and lead by example. Let’s be open and communicate directly. Let’s laugh more than we cry. Let’s understand more than we assume. Let’s show the world what happens when women support women. Let’s be the reason why life is beautiful. What say, ma?

Yours truly,

Future Daughter-In-Law

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19 Dec 2017

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