8 *Sweet* Ways To Show Your Mother-In-Law That You Love Her!

8 *Sweet* Ways To Show Your Mother-In-Law That You Love Her!

Did you just get married and found yourself super lucky in the mother-in-law department? We are serious... a great MIL can really boost your morale in a new home. She is someone who showers you with utmost love and care (and ghee!), and never lets you miss your mom as much. She even scolds your hubby when he teases you or fights with you, which is amazing! In short, if your mother-in-law is the Jaya Bachchan to your Kajol of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, then we’re sure you adore her. You can show your MIL that you love her too, and it’s much easier (and less awkward) than saying it. We’ve been flooded with questions from you guys, on how you can build a rapport with your MIL, or show her that you adore her. And here are some amazing suggestions. Hope they help!

1. Treat her just as you treat your own mom!

So if you celebrate your mom’s birthday, celebrate your MIL’s birthday with the equal amount of fervour too!

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2. Be your goofy self around her (make fun of your hubby maybe!)

Just the fact that you can be YOU around her will make her realise the she is important in your life.

3. Take her out to places she loves... like for movies, shopping, yoga retreats, etc.!

Spending time with her, doing fun stuff together is always a nice gesture that proves you really like her! Delhi peeps, we found the perfect restaurant for you to relax and spend some quality time with your MIL. Check out Cafe Lota here.

4. Talk to her in your free time, get to know her better!

Sit down with her whenever you can, and just ask her about her life. Her childhood, her experiences, her interests etc. It’ll mean a lot to her!

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5. If you live separately, make sure you visit her, even without your hubby sometimes!

She should know that you actually like being in her company even when your husband is not around. She will totally adore you for this!

6. Ask her for advice, and follow it when possible!

It could be small things like what to wear to work or to a party, or serious marriage advice when you have an argument with your husband!

7. Bring cute things for her that she likes, to show her that you listen to her and care!

It could be her favourite dessert, or a certain kind of outfit you know she will like. Small gestures like these go a long way… Ohh! We know what a perfect gift for her could be! Every woman loves a nice silk dupatta and here is the perfect one you could get her. Here are some more suggestions for sweet gifts to pamper her with.

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8. Spend one whole day with your mom and mother-in-law, together!

That will not just help them bond, but it’ll show your mother-in-law that she is as important to you as your own mom! In fact, why don’t you take them out for a relaxing weekend getaway? Here are some suggestions for getaways near Mumbai and Delhi.

We are telling you, even if you do one of these things for your MIL (also second mommy), she sure will be floored and will bless you with the cutest of kisses!

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