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Married Life Advice Every Newlywed Can Very Well Do Without!

Married Life Advice Every Newlywed Can Very Well Do Without!

Like running around for last-minute dress trials and dealing with D-day anxiety wasn’t enough that the poor bride-to-be has to suffer through her relatives’ ‘married-life’ gyaan too. The trouble with this free advice is that it’s so misplaced that if the girl takes any of it seriously, she will find herself in a mess. To save you the trouble, we’re listing 9 ‘married-life’ advice that you can totally ignore.

1. “Do as your in-laws say for a year. After that you can live your married life the way you want to.”

But if you keep nodding your head into submission and never voice your opinion, how do you think you’ll be able to do anything other than this after a year? Plus, wouldn’t your in-laws’ come to expect this of you? It’s better to keep it real instead and give them a chance to understand and love you for who you are.  

2. “Have a child soon and be free of your responsibilities once and for all yaar…”

How does one have a child and become free? Once a parent, always a parent - haven’t you heard? Don’t let well-meaning relatives trick you into getting pregnant. They’re not gonna come over to raise your wailing child for you.

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3. “Priorities change after marriage. Family before friends, you know?”

Priorities shift a bit, yes, but they don’t make a 360 degree turn after the wedding. Yes, you need to spend time getting to know your in-laws, but don’t extract that time from the people who’ve always been there for you.

3 married life advice

4. “The way to your in-laws’ hearts is through their stomachs. Learn how to cook to be the best bahu ever!”

The way to your in-laws’ hearts should pass through their heads actually. Otherwise, however many delicacies you might make for them, they will still not be able to accept somebody else’s daughter as their own.

5. “Never refuse your husband sex. Men don’t like to have to ask their wives for it.”

No one gets a say over what you choose to do with your body – not even the man you married. You have the right to refuse him if you so wish. If he respects and loves you, he will understand.

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6. “Don’t talk to your mum too often, don’t appear too attached to her. Your mother-in-law won’t like it.  

But she’s a mother too and understands the pain of separation that parents go through after their daughter leaves home. Wouldn’t she, then, understand your attachment with your mother and realize that it won’t hinder her space and importance in your life?

6 married life advice

7. “Your husband’s home and all its chores are your responsibility.”

Your husband’s home and all its chores are your responsibility as well as his. Both of you need to divide work equally among yourselves for a healthy home and a happy marriage. The world will be a better place when we start establishing equality in our daily lives.

8. “Look like a newly married girl with your bindi, sindoor, bangles, mangalsutra and traditional attire in place.”

Why can’t people just be content with a girl being married? Why does she have to look the part too? I see no such expectation being forced upon men - why this visual segregation of married and single girls then? The identity of a woman should not be established by her appearance!

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9. “Every girl has to make some sacrifices and compromises after her marriage…”

Says who? Not she who turned a deaf ear to her ‘well-wishers’ and lived the life she wanted. Marriage doesn’t demand compromises of a woman, society does. Remember this and make smart choices.  

9 married life advice

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Published on Nov 6, 2017
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