9 Things You’ll Get If You’re The Badi Bahu Of The House!

9 Things You’ll Get If You’re The Badi Bahu Of The House!

Being the first, the eldest bahu of a family can be quite overwhelming. Your husband’s entire khandaan is eagerly waiting for you to become a part of their family and that guarantees you a fun ride. So ladies, whether you just got married or are a bride-to-be, here are 9 things you’ll totally get as the eldest daughter-in-law of the house!

1. You’re like a mini celebrity!

Yes of course! In all probability, this will be the first shaadi of the generation in your husband’s fam and everyone’s going to be so excited to meet you. It’s almost going to give you those celebrity feels…trust us!

1 eldest daughter in law

2. But you also feel a little lost

Being the second in number has its advantages. You always have someone to take you through everything - the good, the bad and the ugly. Being the first bahu, you’re pretty much on your own and can feel quite alien in your new house.

3. It’s a role change for both you and mum-in-law!

This is going to be just as much new to you as it will be to your mom-in-law. And that pretty much gives both of you a lot of opportunities to bond and make the relationship stronger.

3 eldest daughter in law

4. Being the eldest is so hard sometimes

There is just something about being the elder one! You often feel weighed down by all the responsibilities and expectations… Just like our younger siblings always have it easy! *rolls eyes*

5. You’re pampered A LOT!

From the devars to the sister-in-laws and the aunts, everyone is super excited and looking forward to pamper you. While there may be a second bahu coming in a couple of years later, for now, they just want to do it all for you!

5 eldest daughter in law

6. You’ll be a part of EVERY family decision

It comes with the badi bahu tag! Your opinion matters, no matter how big or small the decision.

7. Acing the name game

This can be quite a task! And families can be large in numbers. And if your hubby is missing in action, you’ll probably have to play the guessing game yourself. Don’t forget to help out the younger daughter-in-law with this too!

7 eldest daughter in law

8. Be ready for all the rituals coming your way!

People are generally more excited for the first wedding of the family. And while that’s great, it also means that you’ll be a part of all the elaborate rituals that might take a back seat at the next wedding. Like it or not, well that’s a personal choice.

9. It’ll all be great & sprinkled with lots of love

So girl, just sit back, breath, relax and enjoy what’s coming your way. It’s a new phase of life and you’re going to love every bit of it. Good luck!

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