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7 Money Apps That Will Help You Handle Your Finances More Efficiently

7 Money Apps That Will Help You Handle Your Finances More Efficiently

Commute, food, social obligations, family affairs, bills and taxes… maintaining finances is a lot trickier with everything that’s going on with us these days. But in this age of technology, there are quite a few apps that can help us keep track of our salary, manage our accounts and even save money. From great cashback offers to simple tricks to keep your cash flow in check, here are a few apps that help me, a 23-year-old with a standard income, pay bills and salvage my social life, budgeting it all with the help of my smartphone

1. Paytm 

01 paytm money apps

If you don’t have this app already, you’re clearly lagging behind. You can pay your gas and electricity bills directly from this app, book movie tickets and flights and get great cashbacks! 

Available on – iOS, Android

2. Splitwise 

02 splitwise money apps

A must-have for someone with an active social life! How many times do we forget to split the dinner cheque or ask someone to cover for us and never keep a tab on it later? Well, this app manages shared expenses and automatically balances them out for you. 

Available on – iOS, Android

3. Bhim 

03 bhim money apps

A lot like Paytm, this app carries out your transfers directly from your bank account or debit card, using a Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Launched by India’s Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, it works towards the initiative of a cashless India. 

Available on – iOS, Android

4. Freecharge 

04 freecharge money apps

Your one-stop shop to pay bills of every kind, from water to electricity and recharging your phone. Freecharge gets everything done with a few easy steps and great cashback deals. 

Available on – iOS, Android

5. EMI Calculator & Loan Planner

05 emi money apps

Don’t understand the concept of percentages and interest when you calculate your EMIs? There is an app that can calculate your EMI, loan interest and even GST!

Available on – iOS, Android

6. Expenses OK 

06 expense ok money apps

You can manually add your expenses to this app and it shows you how much you’ve spent on either eating out or on your groceries. Basically, just something I use to make myself feel guilty about the random shopping sprees I have. 

Available on – iOS, Android

7. Wally Lite

07 wally lite money apps

A lot like Expenses OK, Wally lite tracks your personal finances and you can even add the money you had in-hand at the start of the month. An amazing way to keep your salary in check. 

Available on – iOS, Android

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19 Jul 2018

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