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No More Running Around: Handy Apps That Make Wedding Planning A Tad Bit Easier!

No More Running Around: Handy Apps That Make Wedding Planning A Tad Bit Easier!

Planning a wedding is no walk in the park, and all those who have done it, know what we are talking about. But for those who will be entering the doubles club soon and need to plan a kickass wedding, technology is here to help! Yes, we did some research and came across some awesome wedding planning apps to help you plan the wedding of your dreams and decrease the workload. Oh but hey, before we go on telling you about other wedding planning apps, you should totally check out the POPxo app, because we give you all the inspiration you need for your big day. To know about all the other awesome apps we found, read on!

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1. Euphoriq

Euphoriq is the one stop shop for all things wedding planning. They have three packages to choose from: Starter, Royal and Eternal. The starter is a free pack and you can use it to create your very own website and a guestbook. You can even do basic event management; this is valid for three months. The other packs offer a lot more, so choose wisely. It is totally worth the money. And despite the fact that there are so many wedding planning apps already available in the market, this one has an edge over all the others. Definitely, one of our faves!

Available On: Android and iOS

2. Wedding Party

If you don’t want your wedding pictures to be visible to everybody out there, then this is the app for you. Wedding Party allows you to have a more private collection of photos taken by wedding guests. The app will automatically bring together all your guests’ images to a single site, viewable on the app, from which you can choose to decide which ones you want to broadcast to the public. You can even decide if you want a private gallery, where you can put pictures for only a select few to see. How cool is that?! It is definitely a must-have app for couples who are not very social media friendly.

Available On: Android and iOS

3. Appy Couple

An app to make an app, literally! Appy Couple allows you to make your personalized wedding app or website or both, complete with beautiful themes, fonts, styles and colours. After setting up the website, you can share the details with your guests, who can keep a track of your wedding details like the venue, dress codes, itinerary, photographs and travel arrangements. This app is specifically useful if you have a destination wedding and want your guests to be updated about each and everything to avoid chaos. Once you’re done choosing your theme, the app offers you a package price for the website and you can take it from there.

Available On: Android and iOS

4. Our Wedding Planner

If you do not perform well under stress, then well, this app is your saviour. From planning your to-do list to your guest list, from keeping a track of your budget to managing vendors, this wonderful app does it all. This app can actually save you from the chaotic world of wedding planning. It easily syncs over laptops, thus giving you and your partner a chance to plan your dreamy wedding TOGETHER, even if you're at different locations. Quite a winner!

Available On: Android

5. LiveLens

It's a terrible feeling when you can't attend a close friends wedding. So if you too have a family member or relative who is not able to make it, then this is the app you need. You can involve them in your wedding virtually, with the help of LiveLens. You can live stream your events and help all those feeling left out, feel a lot better. There is no time limit so you can stream an event from start to finish. All you need is Facebook access and a super fast internet connection and you’ll be sorted.

Available On: Android and iOS

6. Pinterest

Planning your dream wedding just got a whole lot easier! You can pin decor and outfit ideas to your board, and even have your friends access it. This place is a treasure chest of ideas and it’s really cool to actually go through everything to find what suits your palette best.

Available On: Android and iOS

7. Wedding Card Maker

The last but also one of the most useful app. Wedding Card Maker allows you to make your own wedding card, complete with designs, themes, colours etc. All you have to do is put in the information and the app does everything else. We really recommend this one.

Available On: Android

Now that we have given you a list of wedding planning apps, we hope your planning is enjoyable and a lot less chaotic!

Featured Image: PhotozAapki

Published on Jan 12, 2018
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