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Makar Sankranti Rangoli Designs

16 Makar Sankranti Rangoli Designs That’ll Inspire You To Create Your Own Masterpiece!

Crowded terraces, people playing music on full blast, and the roars of “Lapet” echoing throughout the city is Makar Sankranti in essence. The festival marks the end of winters and the start of the harvest season with people in different parts of India celebrating it in their own unique ways. Commonly, you can find people flying kites during the day and relishing sweets and regional delicacies. In some parts of India, you will also find ladies making beautiful rangolis outside their homes. Looking for some inspiration for Makar Sankranti rangoli designs? From easy Makar Sankranti rangoli to Makar Sankranti special rangoli designs, here are a few designs to help you create beautiful rangolis this Makar Sankranti.

Makar Sankranti Special Rangoli Designs

With a purpose that extends beyond decoration, colourful rangolis get everyone in a festive mood. There are a lot of exciting rangoli patterns and designs that you can choose from. We have curated a list of some of the best Makar Sankranti special rangoli designs that are oh-so-beautiful! 

Kites And Sweets Rangoli Design

This rangoli design features colourful kites and sweets, with ‘Happy Makar Sankranti’ written in the centre. The use of vibrant colours makes it look aesthetically pleasing. Follow this step-by-step video to recreate this Makar Sankranti special rangoli design. 

Makar Sankranti Special Poster Rangoli Design

‘Til gud ghya, goad goad bola’ is a famous Marathi phrase used during Makar Sankranti, which basically means ‘take til gud and talk sweetly’. This poster rangoli design looks really eye-catching but may be a bit intricate and difficult for beginners who are trying their hand at rangoli-making for the first time.


Pongal Pot Rangoli

An overflowing Pongal pot rangoli signifies abundance and prosperity, and this is among one of the popular Pongal and Makar Sankranti special rangoli designs in South India. 

Peacock Makar Sankranti Rangoli

Peacock rangoli designs look vibrant and are full of beautiful colours that can brighten up your festivities. We’re especially loving the use of diyas to make this Makar Sankranti special rangoli design look even more stunning! 

Easy Makar Sankranti Rangoli 

Let’s face it -not all of us have the artistic skill or creativity to create a rangoli masterpiece. But hey, don’t let that stop you from making one. Here are some easy Makar Sankranti rangoli designs that you can try. 

Multi-Coloured Kite Rangoli Design

Here’s an easy Makar Sankranti rangoli design that you can recreate! All you need is a squeeze bottle to make the rangoli dots, and a plate to get the circular form. This Makar Sankranti rangoli is not just easy to create, but it also looks really beautiful because of the colours used in the design.


Sankranti Muggulu Design With Interlaced Dots

In South India, kolams or muggulus are drawn in front of home entrances during Sankranti, and dot designs are among the most common muggulu designs. This Makar Sankranti rangoli design has been made with equidistant dots used as guides for the symmetric floral design.

Simple Floral Rangoli Design

Here’s another easy Makar Sankranti Rangoli design that can be recreated even if you aren’t very skilled at making rangolis. All you need to ace this floral design is a few bangles, a circular ring for the central circle, and a rangoli squeeze bottle. It’s simple, and looks beautiful!

Pongal Pot Kolam Using Dots

Makar Sankranti rangoli designs become easier to make when using the help of dot grids. Here’s one such Pongal pot kolam that you can create outside your house by using the dots as guides for the symmetric rangoli. 

Lotus Flowers With Interlaced Dots

Lotus rangoli designs look really beautiful! However, if you aren’t comfortable creating the lotuses freehand, then here’s an easy Makar Sankranti Rangoli design video that you can follow step-by-step. The dots will help you get equal spacing, and add a geometric feel to the design.  


Latest Makar Sankranti Rangoli For 2022

If you are one of those who like to keep your rangoli designs new and fresh every year, you might want to keep up with the trending designs. Have a look at these latest Makar Sankranti rangoli designs if you feel like doing something new this Sankranti. 

Easy Dot Flower Rangoli Design

This latest Makar Sankranti rangoli has been created using a grid of 5 dots, and it looks so simple yet so beautiful! In South India, the kolam or muggulu is created with rice flour. Colours such as orange and red have been used minimally, making the white rangoli design pop. 

Lotus Flower Rangoli Design For Makar Sankranti

Lotus flowers are considered auspicious and are one of the major symbols used in rangoli designs. This Makar Sankranti rangoli design is fuss-free and contains only a few elements- the lotus, kite, and the ‘Happy Makar Sankranti’ text. It is minimal yet really eye-catching! 

Paithani Rangoli Design

Paithani, haldi kumkum, and kites- this latest Makar Sankranti rangoli design captures the essence of the auspicious festival so beautifully!


 Pongal Pot And Kite Rangoli

This beautiful rangoli design is in the form of a pot, and also features two kites on both sides. If a unique design is what you had in mind, then go for this latest Makar Sankranti rangoli design.

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Small Rangoli Designs For Makar Sankranti

Cramped for room? Or maybe you don’t want to spend too much time drawing up a rangoli? No problem! Here are some small rangoli designs for Makar Sankranti that take less time and space, without compromising on aesthetics.

Haldi Kumkum Themed Rangoli Design

In Maharashtra, a lot of people create Haldi Kumkum rangolis during Makar Sankranti as it is one of the traditions associated with Makar Sankranti. This small rangoli design for Makar Sankranti looks simply beautiful, and isn’t very difficult to make! 


Small Kite Rangoli Design

Looking for a small rangoli design for Makar Sankranti that’s also easy to make? If yes, then this Makar Sankranti rangoli design is an excellent option! This design features one small kite right in the centre of the rangoli, and we’re loving the use of contrasting colours that make the design pop.

Decorative Kite Rangoli

We’re absolutely loving this Makar Sankranti rangoli design which is in the form of a kite. The outline with white dots, the use of contrasting colours and flowers to decorate the kite rangoli looks oh-so-beautiful! 

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Aren’t these Makar Sankranti rangoli designs simply beautiful? Take inspiration from these designs, and add your own creative spin to them!

Featured Image: Priyal’s Food & Arts on YouTube

10 Nov 2021

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