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Easy Rangoli Designs

15+ Easy Rangoli Designs That Beginners Can Recreate Without Any Difficulty!

No Indian festival is complete without rangoli. The lively and vibrant hues of rangoli add to the festive vibes and are said to bring good luck and prosperity to the home. Rangoli designs are usually made at the entrance of homes on festivals such as Diwali, Onam, Makar Sankranti, Pongal. Just like any other art form, learning how to make rangoli takes some time, patience and practice. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can follow to ace easy rangoli designs, even if you’re a beginner! If you’re looking for some beautiful and easy rangoli designs, you’ve come to the right place.

From easy rangoli designs for beginners, to easy rangoli designs with flowers, and more- here are some stunning designs that you can try to recreate!

Easy Rangoli Designs For Beginners

Beginners who are trying rangoli for the first time, or aren’t very skilled at making rangoli, should begin with designs that make use of simple and uncomplicated patterns and shapes. Once you get the hang of it, you can then try out various other patterns on your own. Below are some easy rangoli designs for beginners that look beautiful and are easy to recreate! 

Easy Flowers And Leaves

Flowers and leaves are the most basic elements of rangoli designs, and they look really beautiful! You can try making this easy rangoli design using just a few bangles and a squeeze bottle as shown in the video. We’re loving the use of minimal colours and patterns in this rangoli design. 


Multicolour Rangoli Design

Just how beautiful and vibrant does this rainbow-inspired rangoli look? Decorate the entrance of your home with this easy rangoli design for beginners that may look complicated, but is easy to recreate! All you need is a squeeze bottle, a spoon and some patience to ace this design. 

Simple Floral Circular Rangoli

Here’s another quick, easy rangoli design that you can try making at home! You don’t need artistic skills to ace this simple design. Just create the framework of the rangoli using a circular metal ring in the centre, and a few bangles around it. Create dots using the squeeze bottle, and flatten them out as shown in the video. 

Floral Bouquet Rangoli Design

This rangoli design may not seem as easy as others, but don’t worry! Just follow the video step-by-step, and you’ll do just fine.

Beautiful And Easy Rangoli Designs

Some rangoli designs may look intricate and complicated, but once you start making it step-by-step, you realize it isn’t so difficult after all! You’ll find some beautiful and easy rangoli designs below that may seem complex at first, but fret not. Just follow the tricks mentioned in the video, and you’re all set! 


Rangoli Design With Roses

You never could have guessed making roses in rangoli would be so easy. The use of beautiful colours, simple elements makes this design stand out. You’ve gotta try this beautiful and easy rangoli design at least once! 

Easy Border Rangoli

Looking to create an easy rangoli design that doesn’t take up a lot of space? Then you must try this gorgeous and vibrant border rangoli! This design uses simple, repetitive elements that aren’t too difficult to replicate. The use of bright colours for the swirls, and the floral elements is what makes this design oh-so-beautiful.

Small Flower With Leaves Rangoli Design

Here’s another small and easy rangoli design that won’t require a lot of effort or time. Once you’ve mastered these simple elements, you can add your own creative spin, and create a beautiful rangoli design on your own. 

Easy Rangoli Designs With Flowers

There’s something really simple yet beautiful and charming about a rangoli created using fresh flowers, instead of colours. Apart from adding to the beauty, flower rangolis also fill your house with a fragrant smell! Haven’t tried making rangoli with flowers before? Here are some easy rangoli designs with flowers that you can try to recreate.


New Year Special Rangoli Design With Flowers

Looking for an easy rangoli design for New Year? This beautiful rangoli design makes use of rangoli colours as well as flowers, and the result is simply stunning! You can’t go wrong with this design, and it is perfect for beginners to try.  

Floral Swastika Rangoli

Swastika rangoli designs are widely made during festivals, and are considered auspicious. This beautiful floral swastika rangoli has been created using fresh flowers such as roses and marigolds. The vibrant hues look beautiful, and you can also try recreating this easy rangoli design with flowers at the entrance of your home.

Circular Floral Rangoli

Want to create a quick and easy rangoli design with flowers? Here’s one that you can try! All you need to do is create circular outlines before you start decorating with flowers of various colours. The circles made on the periphery of the design using rangoli colours gives a neat finish to this design, and we’re loving how beautiful it looks.   

Simple Athapookalam

Athapookalam is the beautiful arrangement of flowers done during Onam. We’re especially loving this simple and easy rangoli design with flowers of various colours!  


Simple & Easy Rangoli Designs

Rangoli-making becomes much easier with the help of tools such as spoons, squeeze bottles, etc. Below are some simple, easy rangoli designs that you can create at home.

Diya Rangoli Design

To recreate this easy rangoli design, you’ll first need to draw circles on the floor using thread and chalk. Just follow the video step-by-step to recreate this beautiful design that might seem intricate, but is actually very simple. The diyas have been made using bangles to create a perfect semicircle, and we’re impressed with how beautiful this design looks. 

Easy Floral Rangoli

When made with precision and neatness, even the easiest and simplest rangoli design can look gorgeous! Such is the case with this easy rangoli design that uses simple design elements, and bright vibrant colours. The result is just stunning, and we’re in awe. 

Floral Rangoli Using Fork And Bangles

All you need is a plate, a fork, a few bangles and a squeeze bottle to replicate this easy rangoli design! The fork helps add to the texture of the flower, while the bangles help in creating equidistant circles for the smaller flowers on the periphery. You can experiment with colours and add your own twist to this design.  


Latest Rangoli Designs

Looking for some unique and fresh rangoli designs? Below are some of the latest rangoli designs that you might like! 

Simple Diwali Rangoli

You’ll be surprised by the number of textures and designs that you can create using the end of an earbud. This latest rangoli design makes use of the earbud to create swirls and leaves, and the result is simply beautiful! 

Unique Flower Rangoli Design

We’re loving how minimal yet unique this rangoli design is! It uses just a few colours, simple and easy-to-make elements that don’t require a lot of skills to recreate. 

More Decoration Ideas

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We hope our curation of beautiful and easy rangoli designs inspired you to create your own rangoli masterpiece! Which of these easy rangoli designs will you be trying first?

Featured Image: craft_love____ on Instagram

16 Dec 2021

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