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Diwali Ke Rang: 30+ Rangoli Designs To Inspire The Artist In You!

Diwali Ke Rang: 30+ Rangoli Designs To Inspire The Artist In You!

What are Hindu festivals without rangoli? A little less colourful, I would say! All of us have a memory of either trying to make a rangoli on festivals or watching elders do it. And who can forget those rangoli-making competitions in school during Diwali? Yeah, it’s that time of the year again when the artist in us does all kinds of fancy experiments with colours and flowers! 

A decorative rangoli designs made on the floor of your home, office or building premises, Rangoli has been a part of Indian tradition for ages. It’s mostly made at the entrances or at the centre. As rangolis are made by all cultures, castes and religions in some form, it has a myriad of varieties, motifs and designs (Deities, flowers and peacock motifs being the most popular ones.) 

Not only that, rangoli is known by different names in different provinces like Rangoli in Karnataka, Rangavalli in Maharashtra, Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Muggu in Andhra Pradesh, Mandana in Rajasthan, Chowk Purna in Madhya Pradesh, Sathiya in Gujarat, Ossa in Orissa, Sona Rakhana in Uttar Pradesh, Alpana in West Bengal, Aripana in Bihar and so on.    

Making rangoli designs is one activity that both young and adults can take part in. It’s fun and creative and the outcome is always a beautiful one. With all the colours and flowers you can’t really go wrong, right? So this festive season, put your creative juices to test! We’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful, latest & best rangoli designs for Diwali that you can take inspiration from. Happy Diwali!!

Types Of Rangoli


Rangoli designs for Diwali are mostly made with the purpose of welcoming the deities during the festival. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro at making rangolis or not, it’s all about the dedication and the fun you have while making it. If you’re still worried about what type of rangoli you should make or what design would be the best, here are some of the best options for you!

Simple Flower Rangoli Designs


Want fresh flowers to fill your house with their fragrant smell? Make a flower rangoli then. The thing I love about the floral rangoli designs is that it gives you a very natural vibe, the look of it changes as the petals dry and you don’t even have to get colour on your hands. Check out some of the latest flower rangoli designs for Diwali!


Be it at the entrance or in the pooja room, this rangoli is good enough to set the festive mood. Marigold or Genda Phool is easily available in the market. Its beautiful colour will brighten up the area and by adding a lamp at the center, you’ll only make it better. The best part is that it’s super easy to replicate and you’ll need nothing more than a string of Genda Phool. 

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Wanna go a bit bigger and bolder? A collection of different flowers will add texture and colour to your rangoli design. Collect rose petals, different shades of genda, jasmine petals and leaves or grass and you’re good to go. Make an outline using a marker and begin filling in the flowers to create the prettiest floral rangoli ever!


This design is perfect for entrances. The combination of white mogra and red roses looks extremely elegant and you can light a few diyas to light up the rangoli design. 



Amp up your simple rangoli design by adding gota to the mix. The golden gota can form the border of your rangoli design. You can even play with fake flowers if you can’t find real ones in the colours you have in mind. The best part about fake flowers is that you can re-use them year after year. 


Make it a mix of flowers, colours and lamps. If you’ve got the time and are in to experiment with an elaborate design, then you must bookmark this rangoli. It’s gorgeous!


Keep it simple but big for a heightened festive look! This is one of the best tricks to use. Find easily available flowers — rose and genda in this case and make your base design bigger in size and fill it up.



Go big or go home! Another example of a simple yet big design with various colours.



Need a break from circular rangoli designs? Go for this two-shade flower pattern. Again, all you need is genda strings and you’re done. Of course, the gota adds to the overall design! 



Simple and bright! The trick is to dedicate more areas to brighter flowers. We even love how they’ve used the leaves here. 



Feeling artistic?! Here’s another inspiration to beautify the centre of your house. I love the touch of grass in this one.



Brighter and better… if roses aren’t your favourite, this rangoli is easy and colourful!

Colour Rangoli Designs


Flowers not your thing? Stick to the basics and buy yourself a pack of rangoli colours. We’ve compiled a list of the prettiest designs for you to choose from. If you like, you can even get a rangoli stencil to make your life easier! 



Let’s move to the fancier version of rangolis. This is one of the most colourful & best rangoli designs that one can look at. It’s perfect for your house’s entrance. Do note that you’ll need a spoon and cone-tip bottle to ace this one. 



How many rangoli designs can a squeeze bottle give you? Endless. Just choose your colour, fill it in the bottle and start creating the pattern as you would do with your henna design.



Peacock rangoli designs are really popular and the true magic is done by the combination of blue and green shades. It’s not the easiest design to replicate but if you can, then why not! 



Another interesting rangoli tradition is to create deities in the design. This one has Durga maa in it. 



It’s a simple yet colourful design you can achieve using your favourite colours and a squeeze bottle. To learn the technique, you can refer to the videos listed below in the article.



A rainbow for a rangoli! I love the play of colours in this one. It’s easy to replicate and the colours work their magic without you having to do much to the design. You can add another design on top or leave it as it is. 



If you’re looking for an intricate rangoli design that can fit in smaller spaces, this is one of your options. 



Another one! Detailed design but will occupy lesser space. It’s good for living rooms and pooja rooms.

Simple Chalk Rangoli Designs


Some of us are good at colouring and some of us are better at sketching. If sketching is your main strength, chalk rangoli might be the perfect option for you. All you need is a great design, colourful chalks, and some water. Dip your chalk into the water and start drawing. The design will become more visible and more permanent as the chalk dries. Yeah, one of those popular school tricks! 



Chalk rangolis might not be the fanciest and most colourful ones but they sure are stable, long-lasting, easy-to-draw and easy-to-manage. In offices where people keep walking in and out or if you have little kids at home who can easily get to the colours, flowers or burning lamps, chalk rangolis is a great option. Just choose a beautiful pattern and draw it.



Sweet and simple! If you’re super busy, you can quickly draw this one or you can get your kids to draw it for you. Just make the outline for a peacock and hand them over a colourful box of chalk. 



Want to keep it simple yet beautiful? Go for an intricate design as you would do with henna!



Here’s another design. An easier one!



If you’re looking for something in a square pattern, here you go!

Diya Rangoli Designs


I love adding Diyas to the rangoli. Here are a few ways you can incorporate the light of lamps in your rangoli!



Add candles or Diyas in the center and to the outline of your rangoli and it will look even better in the evening.



Outlining your beautiful rangoli pattern with lamps is another bright idea!



Here’s another beautiful idea. Instead of an elaborate design, arrange diyas in a pretty pattern and draw small rangoli patterns around them. 



Diya motif in itself is quite popular in Diwali rangoli designs, so you can go ahead and draw lamps in your rangoli design. Of course, do add real Diyas to the design too. 



This design is apt for your pooja room as it’s usually smaller than the other rooms. Have a lamp in the centre and draw the rangoli pattern around it.

Best Rangoli Design Videos

Need A-Z guidance for the process of rangoli making? Here are some of the latest & best Rangoli Design Videos by Sneha J and Jyoti Rathod you can refer to that almost look like a painting!

Products You Need For Rangoli Designs

Here are a few products that you will need for your Diwali rangoli designs depending on which design you choose to make!


No Diwali rangoli design is complete without adding a few diyas to your rangoli. So go ahead and buy a few colourful ones for your rangoli. 


If you prefer candles to Diyas, this assorted set of 12 colourful should be in your shopping cart. 

Rangoli Colours

Buy a rangoli colour set so you’ll have enough colours to select from while making the rangoli. 

Squeeze Bottle

This will help you make best rangoli designs with intricate patterns!

Chalk Box


It doesn’t matter if you’re making the chalk rangoli or not, you will need chalks to draw the base of your rangoli. 

So take some inspiration from these latest rangoli designs and let us know which type of rangoli are you planning to draw this Diwali?

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16 Oct 2019

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