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Lipstick Nails Are Having A Moment RN & We Aren’t Sure How We Feel About Them

Lipstick Nails Are Having A Moment RN & We Aren’t Sure How We Feel About Them

We had not yet recovered from duck nail and edge nail trends when lipstick nails started making headlines. The nail art minions seem to be tirelessly working to keep the nail art community an essential part of the beauty headlines, but hey! We are not complaining. However, we are not completely sure about our feelings when it comes to lipstick nails. The real question is: are we so bored of the classic French tips, coffin nails, and almond shape that we’re frequently experimenting with out-of-the-ordinary nail shapes already?

While half the internet is still obsessed with gradient swirls on sharp almond-shaped nails, some of the forward enthusiasts took no time jumping on the newest trend on the block – lipstick nails. What is this whole fad even about? Let’s find out.

What Are Lipstick Nails?

Lipstick nails in their entirety, are nails in the shape of a new lipstick – slanted, long and sharp. Case in point:

If you google or Insta-search the term lipstick nails, there is a high probability of you finding more extravagant and colourful nail arts than minimal ones. We are beginning to think that the extra factor is a part of the charm.

A Hit Or A Miss?

Trend aside, we are more concerned about the practicality of this nail shape. Will it poke your boyfriend every time you try to hold their hand? What if it spikes a hole in your favourite sweater. Are these nails giving competition to Cardi-B-approved extreme stiletto nails? Now that our queen, Magan Thee Stallion has been spotted wearing them, maybe.

Looking at the nail trend history, undoubtedly this new fad will be making hot headlines while the moment lasts. However, it’s safe to say that lipstick nails won’t be replacing coffin nails, square nails, or almond-shaped nails anytime soon.

Dare To Try?

If you’re looking for some lipstick nail inspiration to experiment with, we have plenty!

For The Lover Of Classic Red, With A Pinch Of Gold

For A Pinkilicious Vibe

French Tips – Modified

A True Leo Energy

For Your Love Of Purple Skies

If you are still not sold on this new nail trend yet, we recommend customising one for yourselves using:

And if you had to choose one nail trend to spend the rest of your life with, which one would it be?

Featured Images: Instagram

16 Aug 2021

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