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Robot Manicure Is The Latest Fad On The Block & It’s As Futuristic As It Sounds

Robot Manicure Is The Latest Fad On The Block & It’s As Futuristic As It Sounds

Believe it or not, it has really come to that. Manicures from robots – who would’ve thought? TBH, I imagined an automatic coffee refilling robot attached to my workstation a higher priority on the list of scientific do-gooders. Oh well, we’ll take what we can get.

A Proud Moment

This whole robot manicure bonanza is the brainchild of Renuka Apte and Aaron Feldstein. Bringing an Indian name to the wall of scientific fame once again, this little invention has just begun trials, and is looking at a long period of evolution.

Is It Too Early For A Final Verdict?

We agree that it might be a little too early to establish a love or hate verdict on Miss Manicurist Machine. Not even launched in any Indian nail salon yet, manicure robots have been making headlines all over the world. Starting a trend in San Fransisco, manicure robots are already attracting pre-bookings well into the next month! Since India is experiencing a lag on the trend, let us describe a second-hand experience of robot manicures to you, and answer some of the questions one would naturally have.

How Does A Robot Give You A Manicure?

According to a handful of in-person experiences, a robotic manicure will have you insert your hand into a machinery block that resembles a microwave. After you have inserted your selected nail colour in the designated slot and pressed the ‘ready’ button (or clearly verbalized it), the machine will extend a dispensing tube and start colouring your nails in a circular motion. As one expects from a robot, there are no spills, no streaks, and no screw-ups.

Can It Give Me French Tips?

This is the initial stage of the trial and is customized to carry out only the basic services of painting nails. On only gets an option of 10 nail colours to choose from, French tips are a far cry, my friend. This manicure machine is not cutting, filing, or buffing your nails yet – just painting.

Will It Also Remove My Old Manicure?

Contrary to what one might think (or at least I did), this is not a completely robotized experience (yet). There are human resources at the establishments which will help you figure out how to operate the machine, and take off your old manicure and paints.

Is It Time Consuming?

Literally the opposite of that! If you have pre-paid for your appointment online, and have no manicure to take off, this whole process should take 10-15 minutes max. IDK about the standing manicure and selected functions, but I’m a fan of right-to-the-business attitude. It’s quick, easy, and no awkward small talk involved!

While we have a long way to form a verdict on whether we really need manicure robots, you might want to stick to at-home mani sessions in this COVID-induced lockdown. Try these trendy nail paints for a pop of colour:

The question stands: will you pay for a manicure from a robot?

Featured Images: Instagram

12 Aug 2021

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