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Cool Girl-Approved Manicures To Get With Your BFF This Friendship Day

Cool Girl-Approved Manicures To Get With Your BFF This Friendship Day

If you were born in the ’80s or ’90s, your version of Friendship Day must be synonymous with vibrant friendship bands, matching chunky rings, and tattoo chokers as gifts. It’s 2021 and today’s kids have changed the rules. It’s almost like they’re too cool for fugly trend mistakes (yes they actually are). So girls, while we stuck to embarrassing or rather childish ways to get on the trend, let’s keep it in the past. It’s time to jump on the cool-girl trends and the rulebook demands matching BFF manicures.

Screenshot This Before Your Nail Appointment

Our friendship day gift for you is this list of banging manicures you will want to save till your next nail appointment. Nails so fly, you and your bestie will be swimming in compliments.

For The VSCO Duo

You are undeniably a trendy VSCO girl if you are into animal prints ATM, and these nails are the perfect match. Not only will you and your bestie match with the trendiest looking nails in the room, but will match your cow print pants. It’s a whole vibe TBH.

For The Love Of Trippy Art

Let us guess – if you are attracted to this nail art, you collect tie-dye shirts, hoard candles, and pin chunky sandal pictures on Pinterest. Might we comment, you have an elite taste of the mature trend-setter. Blindly go for this manicure and match with your best friend!

For The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Friends

If you and your best friend always play F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for every sleepover you have, you truly deserve this manicure. Go girl, drag your girlfriend to get central perk stamped on your nails.

For The Indecisive Couple

Now if you like everything, and cannot for the life of you decide which one your heart is completely set on, get the best of ALL the worlds! Yes, go for this miscellaneous manicure design where you can customize every nail to your own liking. Don’t feel shy, there are so many of you out there that this particular nail art is actually a booming trend! Rock it, fearlessly.

For Your Love Of Captivating Swirls

Now if you and your bestie are in the Bad ‘n Boujie mood, take it one step further with these swirl coffin nails in coordinating colours. This design lets you play with all the shades of your chosen hue. Go crazy!

If You Belong To The ‘Mummy Nahi Manengi’ Crew

If you and your friends are childhood best friends and were looking forward to getting matching tattoos this friendship day only to be turned down by your mothers, we got your back. Maybe not real tattoos on your body, but we can definitely give you an option to get matching nail tattoos. Get this cool tattoo nail art and celebrate friendship day in a less permanent way.

Do It For The Minimal Pinterest Aesthetic

If you want your nails to look cute on low maintenance, this is the manicure for you. This minimal, semi-swirly nail design is perfect for short and long nails and will complement most of your outfit choices.

Are you ready for your trip to the nail salon? If not, you can also try some fun nail art at home with these beautiful nail colours:

Featured Images: Instagram

30 Jul 2021

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