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5 Problems Every Nail Extension Fanatic Will Relate To & Here’s How To Solve ‘Em

5 Problems Every Nail Extension Fanatic Will Relate To & Here’s How To Solve ‘Em

While I am always super excited to get nail extensions, there is a certain level of anxiety the extension-life drives in me. From opening soda cans to manual writing, all divas go through similar daily life struggles with nail extensions. As much as I love changing my vibe with my nails twice a month, I despise how exasperating it gets to carry out these simple daily tasks. Today, we are discussing some of the most common problems that arise due to this beauty fad, and how to make living with them easier.

Pretty And Practical

To-do list: Get a trendy extension mani, flaunt it on the gram, and read this article for an easier life. Listed below are a couple of most googled problems one faces while donning nail extensions:

For When You’re Typing…


Problem: Typing on a keyboard with long nail extensions can feel like a frustrating job at first, our advice for you is to not focus on your nails. What we mean by this, is that no matter how tempted, do not use your nails to press on keys. If you do, you’re putting your expensive new claws at risk of breaking within the first week of getting them. This will also lead to painful nailbeds eventually.

Solution: Keep using your fingertips to type as you would sans nail extensions. It will feel disruptive at first but believe us, you’ll get used to it. It is also suggested to type slower than you usually would to avoid embarrassing typos (guilty).

POP! Opens The Soda Can


Problem: Thirsty for a drink but you’re stuck with a soda can and pointy nail extensions? Girl, don’t you dare use your nail to apply upward pressure on that nozzle (I mean you can if you want to rip your nail off and live in unbearable pain for the next month).

Solution: The easiest hack is to get in there with your fingertips and carefully avoid your nails from tugging on the can head. However, this easier-said-than-done hack is only (hardly) workable for shorter manis. Now, if you’re stuck with a larger-than-life, Cardi B-inspired manicure, get a spoon out. If you don’t have a spoon near you, a fork, a metal straw, damn, even your eyeliner pencil can work! Insert any sturdy stick within the loop and pop it open.

I See You, But Can You?


Problem: So you will have to wear your glasses because there is no chance you can wear your lenses with these nails. Or is there? Wearing and removing lenses with long nails is an issue within itself. However, there is a solution easier than you would’ve thought.

Solution: Invest in this little magical thing called a nail applicator. Included with a lens applicator and extractor, this kit is the easiest, no-fuss way to apply and remove lenses- big nails or small.

Finger Foods Go For A Toss


Problem: How gross is it when you feel or see food stuck under your nails? 10/10 or 10/10? W are going to go with 10/10. Not only you, but your friend sitting across the table will also feel a tinge of disgust as you try to rip your avocado toast in half with long nails.

Solution: Unfortunately, an ultimate solution to this problem is still in the making (somewhere in the world, I guess). For now, our suggestion is to stick with your knives and forks. What if it can’t be broken apart with a knife or picked by a fork? Then, my friend, you’re stuck with soup.

Rapunzel, This Is Your Reminder


Problem: If your nails have started to entangle with your hair strands, this is a reminder more than a problem.

Solution: Reminder of what, you may ask? To get a new set, kiddo! Hair strands get stuck when your nail extensions start to come off. In case your phone reminder malfunctioned, it’s time for another nail salon visit.

So, what hot nail trend are you copping next? Try some easy DIY nail trends at home with these trendy colours:

Nailing it!

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28 Jul 2021

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