15 ‘Last Minute’ Anniversary Gifts To Give Your Boyfriend!

Manika ParasherManika Parasher  |  May 12, 2017
15 ‘Last Minute’ Anniversary Gifts To Give Your Boyfriend!

This story was updated in January 2019.

We are sure you want to make your boyfriend feel extremely special on your anniversary. But sometimes you don’t find time to do all the DIY cutesy, mushy things you would want to do for him. So, for all of those times, here is a list of last minute gifts for your boyfriend that he will absolutely love!

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15 Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Boyfriend

1. Boxers With A Spin Of Fun!

1 gifts for your boyfriend

These boxers make for such a cute gift for him. He will totally love them because they are fun and comfy at the same time! Plus, he can never have too many boxers, can he?

Price: Rs 489. Buy it here.

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2. A T-Shirt With Iron-On Patches

2 gifts for your boyfriend

If you want to gift him something slightly DIY but don’t have too much time on your hands – go for this one. Buy a plain T-shirt in his fave colour and iron on a couple of these patches. He can keep the rest and use them to customize more of his tees!

Price: Rs 550. Buy it here.

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3. A Cap With Some Swag!

3 gifts for your boyfriend

If your man is big on swag-y stuff and won’t mind some bling, get this one for him. This will surely make it to one of his signature looks.

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

4. A Cool Pair Of Sunglasses!

4 gifts for your boyfriend

This slightly quirky pair of sunglasses will be an awesome gift. He may already have a pair but there’s a fat chance he won’t have one as cool as this!

Price: Rs 784. Buy it here.

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5. A Compact But Awesome Travel Kit!

5 gifts for your boyfriend

This one is perfect for when he is on the go. It has everything he will need, it’s compact and, let’s face it, kinda cool too!

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.

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6. A Perfume That Will Make Him Smell Delicious!

6 gifts for your boyfriend

He can keep this one for all the special occasions, including your anniversary! There are some milder variations too in the same range, in case your man likes milder fragrances better than stronger ones.

Price: Rs 949. Buy it here.

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7. Headphones FTW!

7 gifts for your boyfriend

There is no way he won’t love this! It’s such a cool pair of headphones. This is for all the times he wants to block out the world when he is feeling blah!

Price: Rs 860. Buy it here.

8. A Cutesy Cushion

8 gifts for your boyfriend

Because it’s quite okay to be cheesy on your anniversary! This kiss emoji cushion is all sorts of cute and will certainly make him go ‘aww’!

Price: Rs 373. Buy it here.

9. This Slightly Cheesy Bar Set!

9 gifts for your boyfriend

Oooh! He is gonna LOVE this. This bar set with a touch of quirk is a fun way of showing your love and at the same time giving him something useful and fun!

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.

10. Backpack-ing In Style

10 gifts for your boyfriend

This is one awesome gift… Believe us! Sleek and smart, this backpack is spacious and stylish at the same time. We bet your man will love it!

Price: Rs 1,419. Buy it here.

11. Classy Tie And Cufflink Set

11 gifts for your boyfriend

For all his dressy dos and formal events, this set is perfect. It will make him look like an absolute charmer… Which he probably is anyway. *Wink*

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

12. Bookmyshow Movie And Treat Voucher

12 gifts for your boyfriend

This gift is unique and fabulously so too. A movie and treat voucher is all that he needs to unwind, relax and have some fingerlicking good food!

Price: Rs 1000. Buy it here.

13. A Personalized Passport Cover For The Travel Over!

13 gifts for your boyfriend

If he is someone who suffers from wanderlust (or doesn’t), give him this chic personalized passport cover. It’s a small but superb gift!

Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

14. A Smart Wallet!

14 gifts for your boyfriend

He always needs a new one and you know that! This one’s slightly offbeat and different from the regular leather look ones. Which makes it a perfect girl for him!

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

15. A Pack Of Condoms!

15 gifts for your boyfriend

Well, there cannot possibly be a better anniversary gift, can there? So, go ahead give your man a pack of condoms… We are sure he’ll know what to do with them! *Mischevious grin*

Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

So, which one are you planning to buy for him?

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