15 Subtle But Meaningful Gifts For Your Crush

15 Subtle But Meaningful Gifts For Your Crush
This story was updated in January 2019.  Let’s just accept that crushes are just plain difficult! They’re even worse when you want to buy a gift for them. You’re stuck in a dilemma of going OTT and risking the chance of him finding out what you feel or gifting him something plain and boring and being his friend forever! So here are 15 awesome gifts for him. We are sure he will love them!

Gifts For Your Crush This Valentine

Cuff Him!

1 gifts for your crush These adorable cufflinks are the cutest gift to give to your crush. These will add the necessary quirk factor to your gentleman’s attire while not being OTT at all! Price: Rs 850. Buy it here.                                                     Also Read About Cheesy Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Tell Me Your Dreams

2 gifts for your crush Give your crush this notebook and on the first page just leave a little note that says ‘Always with you, whether on top of the world or stuck in the mud’. He’ll appreciate the fact that you’re a true friend and who knows, maybe he’ll fall in love with you too? Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.                                                                        Also Read About Naughty Gifts for Guy

Beer Buds

3 gifts for your crush You can personalize these beer mugs with his name or you could get one with his name and one with yours and the two of you can drink to friendship and to your secret love! Price: Rs 1,350. Buy it here.                                                   Also Read Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

No Hair Woes

4 gifts for your crush Most guys are just as obsessed with grooming as the ladies! This hair styling wax will be perfect for your crush and will help him sail through his bad hair days. Plus he’ll look super sexy always. Extra eye candy for you! *Wink*
Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

Too Cool For School

5 gifts for your crush This pair of uber cool and trendy sunglasses is the perfect summer gift for your crush. You just might be the coolest person he’s ever known for giving him such an awesome gift. Price: Rs 1,500. Buy it here.

Captain America To The Rescue

6 gifts for your crush If your crush has a thing for superheroes, give him these cute Kook N Keech Slip-Ons with the Captain America shield printed on them. He’ll have a smile on his face in no time! Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

Books Are Our BFFs

7 gifts for your crush If your crush loves reading, give him An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. This is a cute love story of a child prodigy Colin Singleton who thinks he can predict the future of any relationship. Maybe, just maybe, your crush will be able to predict your feelings by the end of the book. Price: Rs 176. Buy it here.

The Shutter-mug

8 gifts for your crush This one is perfect for the guy who loves his DSLR or even if he’s just addicted to clicking selfies. He’ll be the center of attention with this and it’s a perfect addition to his collection.
Price: Rs 1,000. Buy it here.  

A Trendy Timepiece

9 gifts for your crush This Timex Analog Watch can be an awesome gift for your crush. He can wear this classy watch on any occasion and it’ll up his style game by quite a few notches! Price: Rs 1,309. Buy it here.

Where Style Meets Comfort

10 gifts for your crush Joggers are a perfect mix of style and comfort. These particular joggers can be worn on any casual occasion and they look like denims which are perfect for college! Price: Rs 1,590. Buy it here.

Superman FTW!

11 gifts for your crush This adorable tee with the Superman logo can be slyly used to confess your feelings to your crush. Just put a note saying ‘Be My Superman?’ along with it and let the tee work its magic! Price: Rs 199 onwards. Buy it here.

Heavenly Scent

12 gifts for your crush This long-lasting perfume will keep reminding him of you every time he uses it. A genius idea, isn’t it? Price: Rs 1,200. Buy it here.

Briefcase For Work

13 gifts for your crush This is for when he wants to flaunt his visiting cards or just wants to add a cool accessory to his desk. Plus, you’ll be on his mind every time he sees this on his table. Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

Motivation Monday (And All Other Days)

14 gifts for your crush This poster makes for such a meaningful gift for your crush. He can put it up in his room and every time he reads it, he’ll feel motivated to achieve his goals. Price: Rs 170 onwards. Buy it here.

Tie Stories

15 gifts for your crush Here is a tie for him in the colour of love. Could you be more obvious about your feelings? *Wink* Price: Rs 499. Buy it here. So what are you gifting your crush finally?