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Weddings & Corona: This Couple Got Married In A Temple, Families Watched Via Video Call!

Weddings & Corona: This Couple Got Married In A Temple, Families Watched Via Video Call!

There is no doubt that Indian weddings are much more than just two people getting married. They’re about the grandeur and all things fancy, aren’t they? But given the current situation of the world, thinking about having a big fat desi wedding isn’t even an option. With the coronavirus outbreak gripping the world, weddings have faced a major hit. While several couples postponed their big day, some chose to honour their original wedding date and tied the knot online. One such couple who chose to get married on their original date is Varun Dhadhania and Minakshi from Jodhpur.

Varun and Minakshi’s wedding was fixed and all the arrangements were made much before the terrible coronavirus outbreak hit the world. While both the families had agreed to move the wedding date, the worsening health conditions of the groom’s grandfather forced them to organise the wedding on the original date.

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Varun’s grandfather, who was not keeping well, insisted that the wedding should not be delayed and honouring his wishes, the wedding took place at a temple while practising social distancing. Only four people were present at the wedding while all the family members watched the ceremony via video conferencing. The couple wore masks and followed all precautionary measures.

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Not just this, as a goodwill gesture, the couple even donated Rs 4 lakh to PM National Relief Fund and Rs 1.01 lakh to Rajasthan CM COVID-19 Fund.

Well, we all know that they aren’t the only ones who chose to get married on their original wedding date. Another Delhi-based couple, Kushal Walia and Pooja too got married in an Arya Samaj temple recently. They took special permission and were escorted to the temple by two Delhi Police personnel. As the only guests at the wedding, the cops gifted the newlyweds a chunni and got masks and sanitisers in return. The police gipsy was used for the bride’s vidaai.

In these unprecedented times, it looks like virtual weddings have, in fact, become the new normal!

Featured Image: ANI


28 Apr 2020

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