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10 Facts About Periods That Will Make You Go WTF?!

10 Facts About Periods That Will Make You Go WTF?!

Periods are an integral part of every woman’s life. From when we hit puberty till we hit menopause, our monthly visitor is always right around the corner. And it would be a shame if we didn’t know everything about it. Here are 10 facts about your period that will make you go whaaaat?

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1. Body fat is important to menstruate

If your body fat goes below 8-12% then there is a high chance that your periods will abruptly cease. The fat cells in a woman’s body are related to the estrogen levels and thus, are an important part of both procreation and menstruation.

1 facts about your period

2. The amount of blood you lose during a cycle varies from an average of two tablespoons to half a cup

Depending on how heavy your flow is, that’s the amount of blood you lose almost every month. Crazy, isn’t it?

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3. Periods can cause iron deficiency

Since you are losing so much blood, you lose the iron in your body. This also makes you feel fatigued and tired.

3 facts about your period

4. On an average, a woman will spend nearly 10 years of her life menstruating.

Well, that’s just a very upsetting fact, isn’t it?

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5. Your body acts as if it’s pregnant during the days leading up to your periods

The feeling of constant irritation, bloated stomach, acne and fluid retention are all the things that your body goes through during pregnancy. So, when you’re feeling all this during PMS, don’t worry. It’s all normal!

5 facts about your period

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6. Synchronized periods is not a scientifically proven phenomena

We often talk about how our periods are always synchronized with the women around us, aren’t we? Well, sadly, this is not a scientifically proven fact… At least, not yet!

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7. In the colder months, your periods get more brutal

You might not like winters too much for a lot of reasons – here’s one more! Your period pain, the flow of your blood and even the duration of your periods is more during the winter months than in the summer months.

7 facts about your period

8. Menstrual discharge is not all blood

There is your uterine lining which also comes along with the blood, giving it a thicker consistency than blood.

9. Periods can also lead to a change of your voice

Apparently you sound different when you are on your periods, especially to men. A study published in the journal Ethology claimed that men who listened to women’s voice recordings were able to tell which women were menstruating. Freaky, right?

9 facts about your period

10. Your periods lead to an enhancement of your male cognitive skills

Since your estrogen levels decrease during your periods, you might just end up thinking more ‘like a man’ during those 5-7 days. Maybe this way we might be able to understand them a bit, eh?

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27 Apr 2017

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