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How to get out of a toxic relationship

You Deserve Better: Here Are 10 Tips To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship



At some point, we have all been told that love is all it takes. Sadly, that’s as far from the truth as it can get. Love is fine and all but there is so much more that we require in a relationship. We need space, we need respect, we need a voice, we need the freedom to be our authentic selves and we need boundaries. In case you are being denied any of these then chances are that you, my friend, are stuck in a toxic relationship. 

                                                                                                                                       Must Read: Toxic Relationship quotes

Now, we do understand that such relationships can be confusing. A lot of toxic partners have ways to keep you hooked by putting you down and making you crave their attention and time. Plus, there is this attachment that you have with the person. Yes, it is a difficult territory to tread. However, you always have the option of leaving a toxic relationship. In fact, you should. You need to sever those ties for your own peace of mind. Think you are getting suffocated in your relationship? Here is how to get out of a toxic relationship.



Ways Of Ending Toxic Relationships

Ways of ending toxic relationships


No matter how much you might be attached to your toxic partner, it is time to get out of that toxic relationship. More often than not, we fail to realise the kind of harm that a bad relationship can cause to us. It impacts our mental health, our daily life, and overall well-being. Quite often, it also changes who we are as a person. Long things short, a toxic relationship is never worth your time. And in case you might be struggling with one, here are 10 steps to get out of a toxic relationship:

Identify The Red Flags

Your gut knows it when you are in a situation where you shouldn’t be. Well, now it is time to prep your mind and for that, you need to identify the red flags. In case you are wondering about how to deal with a toxic relationship, you can maybe start with identifying these red flags: 

-You constantly feel like you are walking on eggshells around them.

-They change the conversation whenever it comes to commitment or accountability on their end. 

-A discussion on how you feel and about your concerns always ends with an argument. 

-They are available for you only when it is convenient. 

-They often get into petty fights with you and rarely apologise even when they are wrong. 

-You constantly feel alone despite being in a relationship. 

-They often gaslight into thinking that you are always overthinking even when you are raising valid points or concerns. 

-They are jealous or possessive to an unhealthy extent. 

-They often push you into doing things that you are reluctant to do. 

-They often belittle you or the people around you. 

-They often lie.

-They don’t care about and show an absolute lack of interest in things that matter to you a lot. 

Red Flags


Journal Your Feelings

It is often seen that while a toxic relationship might be sapping the life out of us, we forget all about the instant something remotely nice happens. This is exactly why you need to journal your emotions in case you want to get out of a toxic relationship. Every time they hurt you or suffocate, it is important that you write down how bad it makes you feel. Denial is definitely not going to help you here and this journal will help as a reminder of the damage that this relationship might be doing to you. 

Focus On Your Well-being

Love often makes us put ourselves on the back burner and prioritise our partner. Toxic relationships or not, this is a bad practice. You first need to concentrate on your own well-being to be able to sustain healthy relationships. Also, you attract the same kind of treatment that you give yourself. Wondering how to get out of a bad relationship? Focus on your well-being and mental health. 

Visualise A Life Without Them

A very important part of ending toxic relationships is to visualise a life without your partner. Think of the emotional freedom and all the awesome things that you’d be able to do without them. Think of how amazing life would be with a person who actually gets you and loves you for who you are. Think about the better things in life. 


Seek Support If Needed

No one would guide you about how to end a toxic relationship as well as a family member or a friend who loves you dearly. And if not that they’d at least be able to support you when you finally do the deed and call it quits. Reach out to people who care about you. Having a strong support system is the best thing that you can do while ending a toxic relationship. 

Fill The Holes

Start distancing yourself from the toxic partner and start filling these holes with people and activities that you truly cherish. Start reading more often, work harder in the gym, talk more often to your friends. Do more of everything that brings you joy. If how to end a toxic relationship is the question then doing things that make you happy is the answer. 

Sever The Ties

Now that you have a support system and things to look forward to, you must be feeling stronger. This is the best time to sever the ties with your toxic partner. Also, remember to do it in a space where you feel safe and comfortable. Once you have broken up, block them from everywhere. 

Go Easy On Yourself

Now comes the tough part. The real question is not how to escape a toxic relationship but rather how to deal with the pain and void that comes with the breakup. Well, for starters go easy on yourself. It is fine if you are feeling emotional, it is fine if you are feeling numb. Whatever you are feeling is natural and you don’t have to beat yourself about it. 

Rebound Is Rarely A Good Idea

Yes, you feel that void. Yes, you are single after a long time. Yes, you might be feeling lonely. However, none of this is reason enough to start dating the first person that you see after the breakup. In most cases, this is as toxic as the relationship that you just left and can leave someone really really heartbroken. 

Self Growth

Just left a toxic relationship and don’t know how to get back to normal life? Work on yourself. Do things that will help you level up in life. Work on your fitness, your career, and your mental health. Go after that glow-up!

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Here’s hoping that we just had you thinking about leaving a toxic relationship. 

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29 Jun 2021

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