#Toxic: 11 Ways To Identify People Who Make You Feel Negative

#Toxic: 11 Ways To Identify People Who Make You Feel Negative
They say that the company you keep is part of what defines and shapes you as a person. And that includes toxic people! They don’t need an introduction...or do they? Just as removing toxins from our food, we need to remove such people from our daily experiences to find peace of mind. How do I identify such people, you ask? Usually, the vibe they give off feels like an instant buzzkill and spotting them is not really that hard. Learn to identify the toxic relationships in your life, chuck them out of the window and take a step closer to a happier you! Here are 10 tell-tale signs that there are some people in your life in your life you really must avoid!

1. They’re ALWAYS Cribbing

Take a step back, and carefully listen to what they say.Toxic people are always complaining about their life. Don’t let it get to you. You deserve to be in the company of optimistic people. You need to surround yourself with people who wish well for others. These light souls will definitely lift your spirit. To meet such people, you will have to let go of the forever-cribbing ones first!

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2. They Expect The Worst - Always!

Some people are always worried about the future and expect the worst out of it. They’re always living in fear and can never see the brighter side of life. It’s like they specialize in finding the downside of anything and everything! Staying in their company is not healthy; you NEED change. Start thinking of optimistic thoughts, and positivity is what you will attract in return. Don’t let their shadows obstruct your light.

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3. They’re Never Happy For You

If they’re always bringing people down, they’ll do the same to you someday. They have emotional issues, and you simply don’t need that sort of negativity! Another classic characteristic of a toxic person is Narcissism - they use their own experience as the benchmark for others. Their business failure should influence you not to start your own. Their breakup should make you run the other way in your relationship. No, it shouldn’t! Instead, you deserve to have your own experiences, make mistakes, fall down, rise again and be successful. You need to be complimented, motivated and loved every day. These kind people will help you to see life in a different light for sure, but that’s not a bright one!

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4. They’ll Never Say Sorry!

You may be right, but they will never accept that fact. More than that, they will never accept their own mistake. Because, hello, they can never be wrong - or that’s what they think. They will always find ways to twist the story, and make you look like the bad guy. Our point is: there’s NO point wasting your energies in arguing with them. You’re fighting a lost battle. The further you stay away, the happier you’ll be.

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5. They Hold On To Grudges Forever

They say it’s easy to forgive, but difficult to forget. People who hold grudges neither forgive nor forget. They always try to make you feel bad and guilty about what you did on April 4, 2010. They like proving you wrong even if you aren’t because, hey, you WERE wrong on September 26, 2013 about Daman and Diu being closer to Mumbai than Gujarat. If this is the company you keep, they aren’t the right people to be with. Meet new people and, most importantly, happier ones!

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6. They Are Constantly Trying To Manipulate You

You know how you were wondering whether you should go to that friend’s birthday party, and then this girl kept telling you about why you shouldn’t, and you eventually ended up not going even though you really wanted to? Yes, that. That girl right there - she had no business influencing your feelings and playing mind games with you. If people like to play dirty, you have to just end the game. Life's too short for these petty little miseries.

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7. They’re The First To Judge You

Let’s face it, we all have flaws. That’s what makes us human. Toxic people don’t accept that. They’re the first ones to point fingers and jump to conclusions. Most of the time, they assume things that don’t even exist. However, you don’t have to be one of them. Accept your flaws and be true to yourself. This attitude will take you a long way in life.

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8. They LOVE To Interfere In Your Life And Find Out All The “Deets”

A person who is content from within will never ask you more than what is required. It’s just not in their nature. However, toxic people will. They thrive on gossip. It’s what gives their souls solace. Don’t fall victim to any of this. The best way to deal with this is not to entertain them. They’ll eventually get the hint and move on. If they don’t, tell them straight to their face.

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9. They Always Make Fun Of You

Are there people in your life  who are always making fun of you for no reason? They’re obviously not your well-wishers. Remember, only insecure people make fun of others. What should you do? Relax and shrug it off-  you’re doing fine without them. Remind yourself every day that you are the best and nobody has the right to bring your down with their cheap gimmicks.

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10. They never pay you a compliment

Think about it - when was the last time this so-called friend paid you a compliment? Or just a wink of approval? Can’t remember? And what about insulting you readily and happily over petty things? Of course, two minutes ago! Yep, this is just another key trait of a toxic person in your life who just isn’t adding any value to it. Instead, they are constantly hurting your self-esteem! Look out for this behaviour and move away from those who are probably threatened by your awesomeness!

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11. You Are Not Yourself Around Them

This is a tricky one to identify as it requires you to be very self-aware when in certain people's presence. If you feel like you are constantly having to tread lightly and dance around topics - just so you won’t accidentally send this person flying into a fit of rage - then you are having to change the way you are just to accommodate their overwhelming demands. As the saying goes, no one can make you feel inferior without your own consent. So, it’s time you take a stand for yourself and decide where the line is and which people need to be let go of…

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