8 Signs To Watch Out For If You Feel Like You're In A One-Sided Relationship

8 Signs To Watch Out For If You Feel Like You're In A One-Sided Relationship

You may be with your dream guy, but if he's not as into you as you are into him, then that's a big red flag right there! No one should settle for half-hearted love. You deserve to come home to a man who loves you and wants you in his life. Not one that takes you for granted and only hits up your cell when he needs your help with something. A relationship works on mutual respect, understanding and equal efforts put into making it work. If that's not true in your case, then I'm afraid that you could be in a one-sided relationship.

8 Signs To Watch Out For If You Feel Like You're In A One-Sided Relationship

To save you from a broken heart, it's best you take time off and reflect on your relationship. 

You're Always The One To Text

When he's with you, he showers you with attention. However, when the date ends, so does everything else. He doesn't bother to text or call you. Sometimes you wonder if he's really that busy. As a result, it's always you who ends up making the first move. My point is, why should you be doing all the chasing? Isn't this relationship a two-way street? But before you straight up jump to a conclusion, give it a day or two. He could be the sort of guy who's not big on texting, but to go an entire day without a single message or call is a big red flag. 

He Is Always Travelling (Without You)

He's always out travelling for work or with his friends. And he hardly ever makes you a part of the plan. Whenever your friends ask you how you two are doing, you end up lying and covering up for him. You want the world to know that your relationship is perfect on the surface but, deep down, you know that things are rough. 

You're Always Apologising - Even When It's Not Your Fault


He makes you cry and feel guilty about things you haven't done, said or intended. He's always right and you're always the one messing up. You can't have a proper conversation with him without things turning into a fight. It's like walking on eggshells when you're around him. Let me go Marie Kondo on you now - does he spark joy in your life? If not, then have the courage to walk away. 

He Gives Two Hoots About Your Family


He doesn't have to agree with your family on every small thing, but he should respect them and be sporting enough to compromise here and there. After all, your family is an extension of you and if can't show just a little responsibility towards them, then he doesn't deserve your love. 

You're Always So Stressed


Listen to me. Relationships are supposed to make you feel good about yourself. If you're always angry, sad and stressed out, maybe it's best to take a break or break up for good. No relationship is worth your peace of mind. You've got to understand one thing though. You can't buy love nor can you force someone to love you. You've just got to accept that fact and let him go.  

He's Selfish In Bed

You want to cuddle after sex and he just wants to go to sleep after doing the deed. That's not cool. It's actually quite selfish on his end. He can't expect pleasure without wanting to give it to you. While some women settle for this kind of behaviour, you can't be one of them. 

He Doesn't Do PDA

When you're walking with him on the street, you feel you're walking next to a stranger. Sure, he may not be the kind of guy to like PDA, but he must give off a vibe that you two are a couple. He must make you feel wanted and present. Treating you as an acquaintance when you're outside is just disrespectful to your feelings.

He Avoids Serious Relationship Conversations


The moment you open your mouth to discuss things about your relationship, he shuts you off. He storms out of the house and refuses to make conversation with you. In fact, he avoids it altogether. If there's no proper conversation happening between you two, I'm sorry, but your relationship won't last long. 

So, instead of just reading one-sided love quotes, know that if he ticks all the wrong boxes, you know you can walk away from the relationship, right?

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