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Here’s What Is Really Causing Those White Spots On Your Nails

Here’s What Is Really Causing Those White Spots On Your Nails

All of us have had those pesky white spots on our nails at some point. Have you ever wondered what they are though? Medically referred to as leukonychia, white lines or dots appear on your nails. They could be small or they could cover your entire nail. They are pretty harmless, nothing you need to panic about. It is not a serious medical condition.


Causes and Symptoms

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There are a few things that cause these white spots to occur on your nails. The most common reason for white spots on your nails could be a calcium and zinc deficiency. Here are a few others:

1. An allergic reaction 

Typical symptoms of an allergic reaction can be due to using certain nail products or even a manicure going wrong. Frequent manicures and bad quality products or the wrong technique used may also irritate your nail causing an allergic flare-up. The spots will appear all over your nails in case of an allergic reaction. 


2. A nail injury

An injury like slamming the door on your nails or something heavy falling on your nails can cause white spots to appear on your nails. These type of injuries sometimes take 2-3 weeks to show up on your nails and are very harmless. The problem usually fixes itself without needing medical attention. Just be careful not to do anything that would cause further damage to the nail.

3. A fungal infection

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Typically caused due to poor hygiene, an ingrown toenail or fungal infection is most common on the toenails. Mild medication and a few local ointments should fix the problem. The entire nail bed or the tip of the nail tends to get affected. You should see a doctor if you suspect a fungal infection as it could lead to the entire nail getting permanently damaged. 

4. A mineral or calcium deficiency

The most common cause of white spots on the nail is a deficiency in the body. This could be temporary if you notice these white spots over a prolonged period of time – see a doctor. Adding some multivitamins into your diet usually takes care of the problem.

If you have noticed persistent white spots over a prolonged period of time, the best line of action would be to see a doctor.

12 Jun 2018

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