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Team POPxo Gives Metallic Lipstick A Try And Here’s How It Looks On Different Skin Tones

Team POPxo Gives Metallic Lipstick A Try And Here’s How It Looks On Different Skin Tones

If you’ve ever applied any form of lipstick in your life, be it a liquid, bullet or a powder lipstick, you know that one swipe of colour can change your look (and mood)!

Never underestimate the power of lipstick!

While there are a plethora of colours available at our disposal, every shade works a different kind of magic of different skin tones. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying out various shades on my lips but the way someone with beautiful chocolate skin tone will slay a dark lippie, I could only dream!

If you know me, like at all, you know that I love my lipsticks! But, most of them (almost 90%) belong to the bright shade family such as pinks, reds and a few shades of orange. I do own a few nudes but no metallic lipstick has ever touched my lips. But today, everything changes!

But can everyone pull off a metallic lipstick? Will it look good on different skin tones? And what do my colleagues think about it? Let’s find out.

I Tried A Metallic Lipstick For The First Time Today And Here’s The Verdict

I actually happened to purchase a metallic lipstick over the weekend and I (finally) tried it today, for the very first time and so did my beautiful colleagues (Go #TeamPOPxo!).

Brand: Kiko Milano

Shade: 05, Metal Rouge A Lévres

Here’s how it looks!

Ekta Alreja | Deputy Editor

Our Deputy Editor, Ekta prefers only nude tones for the day and darker tones for when she’s meeting her gal pals for a drink. Today for the first time, she tried a metallic lipstick and here’s what she has to say.

“You know they say metallic lipsticks are a lifeline for women with dark skin tones. However, I feel the opposite. I tried a metallic lip colour for the first time and I am not impressed. I am a person who wants her lipstick to stand out. And this shade didn’t do that for me at all.”

Neha Kapoor | Senior Writer

Our Senior Writer, Neha has never experimented with different lipsticks and only prefers the nude-y and softer tones. Today, she stepped out of her comfort zone and gave my metallic lipstick a try and here’s what she has to say.

“I had never tried a metallic lip shade before in my life as I’ve always been stubborn about not trying something new. But after trying it I must say that it doesn’t look that bad. So never say never.”

Manasvi Jaitly | Assistant Editor

Assistant Editor, Manasvi loves lipsticks almost as much as I do. Every day I encourage her a little more to spend half her salary on lipstick. Being true to her favourite mauve-y and pink tones, it was pretty hard for me to convince her to give this *wild* shade a try. Here are her true feelings, guys!

“So I’m more of a nude-pink person. I pretty much stick to the same subtle shade for day and night. While I did love this metallic shade, I don’t think it suited my personality. It’s a bit too loud for me and I would probably only wear it for a super special occasion like a family wedding.”

Aayushi Pareek | Writer

Hi guys, it’s me, AGAIN (please excuse the red area around my lips, I suffer from urticaria and it happens all the freaking time!)

I’m a metallic lipstick virgin and today was more of a life-changing moment for me. I loved it. It looked so beautiful on my lips, the formula is fantastic and I am absolutely in love with how comfortable it actually feels on my lips. The deep brick colour looks phenomenal and it has definitely made it to my top-shelf!

Deepali Samant | Influencer Associate (Plixxo)

Our Influencer Associate, Deepali is my soul sister in office when it comes to discussing all things makeup! Our lunch talks are mostly about a new makeup launch or on what makeup product will we spend (read waste) or money on! She too loves lipsticks and wears almost every shade possible. But did she like the swipe of a metallic lipstick on her lips? 

“This is my first time trying a metallic lippie and honestly, I’m surprised. It looks good with my casual OOTD and I think I have to give this shade a try few more times before I use it regularly.”

Well, this was a nice (and tiring) task and the verdict is that – although, this is a stunning shade but it is definitely not for everybody!

However, here are some stunning metallic lipsticks that you can totally invest in:

P.s.: Did you know that you can now give any lipstick a metallic finish with Manish Malhotra Lip Chalks

So queens, would you dare to go metallic?

Featured Image: POPxo

27 Jan 2020

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